The Revamped Mythos Design Quarter is pure Greek Magic! #MythosDQ

Introducing Mythos Design Quarter:

Evil eyes, blue and white decor, delicious tapas and the sound of traditional Greek music, were just a few of the elements that transported guests to a magical Greek island.

Mythos Design Quarter Revamp BoozyFoodie PR

On the 14TH of November 2018 Mythos hosted guests for the relaunch of their Design Quarter restaurant. Guests enjoyed an evening filled with traditional Greek dancing and cuisine.

“We wanted to create a place that would transport customers to a Greek island, to resemble a refreshing, clean, and new experience that would set them apart from any other Greek or Mediterranean restaurant. A place where people can relax, enjoy good company and authentic Greek cuisine.” Says Joanne Valassis – Interior Designer.

Mythos Design Quarter Revamp BoozyFoodie PRThe inspiration behind the design was to highlight the authentic Greek lifestyle and atmosphere, the need to reconnect with the traditional Greek heritage and simplicity of Greek design, to remain “simple in its’ honestly” as mentioned by designer Joanne Valasis from Atmos Architecture Design. The new restaurant wanted to highlight the Greek artisanship whose ethos is to create everything by hand and to stay clear of anything mass-produced.

What makes the design of this magnificent restaurant stand out from the rest is that you can feel the touch of the people who worked on creating each element in the restaurant. From the local artisans who hand made the furniture, plastered the rough textures on the wall, arranged the floors and hand painted the walls. You can feel the people in the walls and architecture and immediately get a sense that passion and care was put into everything little detail of the restaurant.

Mythos Design Quarter Revamp BoozyFoodie PRFrom the mural wrapping the staircase that is inspired by the myth of Icarus to the mythical experience that is inspired by the magic of Greece, Mythos’ myth truly was reborn that evening in Design Quarter.

The Design Quarter restaurant is a spectacle and definitely worth a visit. It is anything but a generic model and portrays a unique Mediterranean casual dining setting that oozes Greek authenticity.


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