Savour the rebelliousness of the Irish with The Pogues Irish Whiskey #News

The origin of whiskey remains a contentious issue. It is believed that ancient Babylonians and Egyptians distilled potions for medicinal purposes. The process of distilling has also been traced to China where it was developed independently of their European counterparts but when it comes to whiskey, both the Scotts and Irish proudly lay claim to it.

With varied histories and claims of who first distilled whiskey, the first written record of whiskey has been traced back to Ireland in 1405.

Regardless of where it originates from, whiskey is a spirit with an undeniably Irish character and The Pogues Irish Whiskey is not your run-of-the-mill whiskey. A collaboration between Irish punk band The Pogues and master whiskey distiller Frank McHardy, The Pogues Irish Whiskey is lauded as the only premium Irish spirit that celebrates the poetic rebelliousness of the Irish.

Crafted in small batches and handmade in copper stills, The Pogues Irish Whiskey is a blend of 50% Irish grain whiskey and 50% single malt Irish whiskey.

So invested are the band members, that they weighed in and approved everything, from the grain and cask selection to the blend and maturation time: the blended golden liquid is left to mature in an oak barrel for exactly three years and one day.

The final product is a versatile and delicately balanced whiskey with a nose of roasted almonds, dark chocolate, spice, and malt and hints of sweetness which mingles with citrus, spice, cracked pepper, and dark fruit on the palette.

Launched in 2015 and released in South Africa in 2016, it was named the San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Winner in 2018, 2019, and 2021 and and Irish Whiskey Masters Gold Winner in 2021.

Enjoy it as you please: neat, on the rocks, with your preferred mixer, or in a cocktail inspired by the music and Irish influence of The Pogues:

Fairy-tale of New York cocktail

50ml Pogues Irish Whiskey
10ml Sweet Vermouth
10ml Dry Vermouth
3 dashes of bitters

Stir and strain. Garnish with maraschino and orange zest and serve in a classic martini glass.

The Pogues Irish Whiskey is available at most leading liquor retailers and online at Takealot and Liquor Drop ( To find out more please go to Halewood South Africa

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