Saluti, Malfy Con Arancia!

Saluti, Malfy Con Arancia!

Premium drinks company, Truman & Orange, are fast becoming known as the company that consistently rises to the challenge of providing beautifully-made drinks for today’s discerning drinkers. Having recently launched Mazzatti Birra Superiore and Mionetto Prosecco, both quintessentially Italian drinks, they’re perhaps still most well-known for launching Malfy Italian Gin just as the gin revolution hit South African shores.

Truman & Orange are ahead of the curve once again with their latest offering from the Vergnano family’s traditional pot stills: Malfy Con Arancia.

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A delightfully refreshing variant of the much-loved Malfy range, Malfy Con Arancia, bursts with the botanical flavour and ruby red colour of specially-sourced, highly sought-after Sicilian blood orange peels which are steeped in alcohol and pressed in a basket press. The infusion is then blended with Italian juniper, grapefruit peel, Amalfi Coast lemon peel, coriander, Cassia bark, Orris root and Angelica root before distillation.

In typical Truman & Orange style, Malfy Con Arancia literally stands out from its counterparts on shelves and not just owing to the bottle, which is decorated with traditional Italian glass painting techniques: the gin itself is a deep ruby red!

Malfy Con Arancia BoozyFoodieNews

Says founding owner of Truman & Orange, Rowan Leibbrandt, “We couldn’t resist not only the colour but also the flavours of this new Malfy variant. It’s perfectly balanced allowing the delicious botanical flavours to underpin Malfy’s gentle juniper. We know that with so much choice in the gin category, the product has to offer something truly special for South Africans to try it and we’re confident that Malfy Con Arancia does exactly that.”

Malfy Con Arancia bursts with rich, bittersweet citrus, with subtle juniper and a mouth-wateringly complex finish. The aromas of orange blossom and hints of juniper, coupled with the deep ruby red colour of the liquid make Malfy Con Arancia perfect for a wide variety of cocktails… Always garnished with an orange and sipped among friends! Saluti! 

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