Mark your Wedding Day with Carrol Boyes MCC Rosé

Mark your Wedding Day with Carrol Boyes MCC Rosé

Renowned South African artist and product designer Carrol Boyes is known for her creative and distinctive homeware and has become a household name when marking milestones and memorable moments through gifting, from weddings and engagement celebrations to landmark birthdays.  The range has expanded through the years to reflect the diversity and innovation of the company and the broadening of Carrol’s vision. Far more than just products, Carrol Boyes signifies a lifestyle that encompasses a sense of style and discernment with a focus on artisanal workmanship and standout statement pieces.

It was a logical evolution for Carrol Boyes to move into winemaking – being a natural complement to the elegant and occasion-worthy offerings under the brand’s banner. Carrol teamed up with her brother, farmer and financier John Boyes and partner Neels Barnardt of Barnardt Boyes to create a unique range of limited-edition premier wines. Each Carrol Boyes Wines vintage comes with a beautiful label designed by Carrol – embodying the Carrol Boyes lifestyle in terms of presentation and quality. Just as Carrol imparts a sense of artistry onto everyday functional items, so Barnardt Boyes creates rich, sumptuous wines out of the soil and fair climates. The selection is critically acclaimed and won the 2015 Michelangelo Award for Best MCC (awarded to the 2011 Limited Edition Pinot Noir Chardonnay).

The quintessential celebratory drink, MCC Rosé is an especially fitting addition to a wedding, and Carrol’s elegant packaging makes it an incredibly presentable table adornment. Fermented in French Oak from premium parcels of pinot noir grapes, the Carrol Boyes 2013 MCC Rosé has fruity and floral notes – roses, red berries and Turkish delight – with a dry palate, making it a perfect accompaniment to white meat, seafood and chocolate. In essence, an excellent MCC option to serve with an elegant wedding reception menu.

Apart from MCC being the traditional toasting option at any wedding, it also makes a beautiful gift for the couple to enjoy subsequent to the occasion. Carrol Boyes’ wedding registry option makes selecting and sending the Carrol Boyes 2013 MCC Rosé and other special gifts to the recipient a seamless experience. Especially useful for a destination wedding where travel and luggage is a factor, the registry makes sure that gifts arrive safely and hassle free. As a guest, wedding registries are a convenient option for both bride and groom, and guests – simply choose items online, or consult a staff member in store if you need help curating a selection from the comprehensive range.

Note on the MCC Rosé

Typically used primarily for the toast, a helpful way to work out the appropriate quantity for the occasion is to assume that each bottle serves approximately six glasses. If you’re only serving the MCC Rosé for the toast, divide the number of guests by six to determine how many bottles you need.

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