Making this last part of the year, a Super Sauced one #News

Super Sauced hopes to bring a little more fun into your spring social calendar with this triple S (Sun, Spring and Super Sauced) combo. Getting geared for this season with us is sure to make your days by the braai, a great one. While you add a little kick into your meat and salads with our Super Sauced sauce collection, take the rest of the goodies out and have some fun. We’ve added a little something else, all in the name of Spring: your own growing paper.

Super SaucedThe birth of Super Sauced as told by its founder: Vera.  At the end of 2018, my husband was turning 30 and I wanted to throw him a small gathering. My plan was to give out an inexpensive but amazing party favour to friends and family who came to the birthday braai. Consulting wasn’t the most fruitful venture at that time so I used to my growing food knowledge, combined it with very few ingredients, and made the batch of favours which were sauces. I then stored it in the back of my fridge so he wouldn’t see but I didn’t take into consideration that I couldn’t be on fridge watch 24/7. He found the sauce, put it all over his food and when I got home, he raved about it and I had to spill the beans. Instead of giving it out, I decided to bottle it up and sell it at markets and online.

Super Sauced A little more about Super Sauced  This is a brand of homemade chilli pepper sauces & condiments. The ingredients are freshly sourced from the best local suppliers and made with little or no artificial preservatives. Super Sauced products are also made with little salt and sugar and the best care is taken to ensure that each product is freshly made. Our products are:
• Oil free
• Emulsifier free
• Thickener Free
• Vegan & Halaal Friendly
• Flavourant & Colourant Free

“My goal is to present people with products are that have very little artificial ingredients.”- Vera.

– Hot Shot: Is made from serrano chillies and has a heat profile of 5/10
– Daredevil: Is made from habanero chillies and has a heat profile of 7/10
– Tongue Teaser: Is made from jalapeno chillies and has a heat profile of 2-3/10

In its efforts to become more available to more people. Super Sauced is currently looking to collaborate with supermarkets, wellness stores, butchers, delis, or restaurants. Until then, Super Sauced is proudly sold online and ships straight to your door. at R60 per 125ml bottle.

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