Introducing the Robertson Dry Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White #PR


With the trend towards a healthier lifestyle and the stricter enforcement of drinking and driving laws, a new era of moderation is upon us. Enter the ‘mindful drinking’ movement started by millennials, the global trend of choosing alcohol-free or low-alcohol drinks for health and social reasons. Alcohol brands are avidly embracing this new breed of consumer who drinks less. In fact, the alcohol-free drinks category is currently the fastest-growing beverage sector in South Africa.

Robertson Winery, true to its reputation for pioneering, innovation and forward-thinking, launched their first two non-alcoholic sparkling wines, both sweet, back in 2012, bringing bubbly drinking rituals to non-alcohol markets. They have now extended this popular range to include a DRY non-alcoholic sparkling wine for summer, to open up the brand to a new audience looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic bubbly without excessive sweetness.

Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Dry Sparking Press Release BoozyFoodie Roelia Schoeman

The summer season is here, the perfect time to have a glass of fizz and toast its bubbly excellence. Just the sound of a popping cork evokes a sense of celebration. Robertson Winery’s Non-Alcoholic DRY sparkling white affords alcohol-free effervescence to keep your summer refreshing. Many folks out there, especially the younger generation, are choosing to drink less. It might be your turn to be the designated driver, you might be embarking on a much-needed detox or perhaps you’re abstaining for one of many other reasons – health and fitness priorities, greater awareness of social harm caused by alcohol, exposure to positive lifestyle trends on social media etc. But that shouldn’t mean missing out on everyone’s favourite summer sip. You can still enjoy the fun of fizz without the alcohol – and you’ll wake up feeling fresh the next morning. It’s all about having a choice and it has become socially acceptable and increasingly trendy to opt for a non-alcoholic drink in any situation.

Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Dry Sparking Press Release BoozyFoodie Roelia Schoeman

Grapes grown in Robertson Winery’s lime-rich soil produce elegant sparkling wines with finesse. The alcohol in this wine has been carefully removed to preserve the fruity aromas and vibrant flavours. Delightfully dry with a vivacious sparkle, gorgeous notes of pear and mandarin come to the fore accompanied by hints of orange blossom and honeysuckle. Refreshing and charmingly drinkable, serve well-chilled to keep the bubbles and flavours at their peak.

Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Dry Sparking Press Release BoozyFoodie Roelia SchoemanEverybody loves to sparkle! Keep your summer bubbly with Robertson Winery Non-Alcoholic Dry Sparkling White. It’s perfect for every occasion – poolside sipping, picnics, braais, sundowners at the beach, jovial chats around the table and partying with friends.

Robertson Winery’s Range of Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wines includes a Sweet Sparkling White, a Sweet Sparkling Pink and the new Dry Sparkling White. All three are widely available nationally and retail between R50 and R55 per bottle.

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