Christmas Musgrave gin cocktail recipes that will impress your guests! #News

Fruit Cake Martini Musgrave GinCocktail Name: Fruit Cake Martini

Description: A traditional Gin Sour with a swirl of Honey & Nut syrup, kissed with a soft
orange foam and garnished with a subtle nutmeg crunch.
A Musgrave Gin Sour with Honey and Nut Syrup.

Special Prep: Honey and Nut Syrup: Roast a cup of raw mixed nuts on a hot pan with 10
cardamom pods, add one cup of raw honey and bring to boil, add a cup of water and simmer
on low heat. Allow to cool and bottle.

Glass: Rocks glass / Coupe Glass

Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker with lots of ice. Shake hard for 15 seconds. Strain
over big block of ice or into chilled coupe glass

Measure Ingredients:
● 50 ml Musgrave 11
● 25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice
● 25ml Honey and Nut syrup
● 3 dashes of Orange bitters
● 3 dash Angostura bitters

Garnish: Nutmeg Grate and chopped nuts


 Christmas Spiced Tea Negroni MusgraveCocktail Name: Christmas Spiced Tea Negroni

Description: A hot aperitif that will fill the air with aromas of mulled spices, hibiscus and deep

Special Prep: Sweet Hibiscus Tea: make 400ml hibiscus tea (about 2 teaspoon loose leaf
tea) Add 100 ml sugar syrup.

Glass: Brandy balloon

Method: Add all ingredients to a heatproof balloon glass. Heat glass with chef’s torch and set
alight while swirling (be careful). Suspend on a tumbler glass and serve first 2 ingredients to
mug and fill with hot coffee and stir. Layer an orange oil infused whipped cream on top.

Measure Ingredients:
● 35 ml Musgrave rose
● 25 ml rosso vermouth (Martini)
● Orange bitter
● Aromatic bitters
● 1 orange slice
● Half cinnamon quill
● 2 cloves
● 1 star anise
● Sweet hibiscus tea

Garnish: Cinnamon Stick and a slice of orange


Festive Gin Shake Musgrave GinCocktail Name: Festive Gin Shake

Description: Something fun & frivolous for our ginthusiast ; this grown-up take on a roadhouse
shake is a chilled creme-based gin fizz that sings with blackberry and rosewater flavours. Rosey, Lemony, creamy and cheeky.

Glass: Collins or highball glass

Method: Add all ingredients except for Tonic to a shaker, stir and add lots of ice and shake
hard for 15 seconds. Double strain into chilled glass and top with chilled tonic water.

Measure ingredients:
● 50 ml Musgrave Rose
● 2 barspoons of Blackberry jam
● 10 ml sugar syrup
● 15 ml Fresh lemon Juice
● 1 rosemary sprig
● 25 ml fresh cream
● Fill Tonic

Garnish: Rosemary sprig and 1 winterberry

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