Chill out with Rhodes Quality this Summer #PR

 With Summer on its way, it’s time to cool things down and this selection of frozen treats made with Rhodes Quality juice and fruit will do just that.

Brighten things up by serving in colourful cones, add sprinkles or sprigs of mint and decorate with fresh fruit and pretty paper straws. These three recipes are guaranteed to keep the whole family chilled as the weather heats up.

Watermelon & Pineapple Slush

A tantalising taste of summer made with cubed Watermelon and Rhodes Quality 100% Pineapple Juice.

●       2cups Watermelon cubed and frozen

●       4tsp Lime juice or Lime Cordial

●       ¼ tsp Vanilla Essence

●       100ml Rhodes Quality 100% Pineapple Juice

●       2 cups of ice cubes

●       In a blender, add all the ingredients

●       Blend using the pulse setting

●       When the ice has been crushed, transfer to glasses and serve (why not try a mason jar?)



Tropical fruit Popsicles (Makes 6)











Freeze Rhodes Quality Fruit Juice in popsicle moulds for a refreshing treat that kids will love.

●       Fresh fruit of choice or try using Rhodes Quality pineapple pieces

●       1 l (4 cups) Rhodes Quality Tropical 100% Fruit Juice

●       Peel and thinly slice kiwi fruit, guavas, strawberries or Rhodes Quality pineapple pieces and place in the popsicle moulds.

●       Pour in the Rhodes Quality Tropical 100% fruit juice. Seal and freeze overnight before serving.

●       Cooking Tip: Use your favourite Rhodes Quality Fruit Juice flavour


Guava Sorbet

A perfect Summer sorbet especially for lazy family Sunday lunches. You can also try different variations by changing the fruit, try Rhodes Quality Pineapple and granadilla pulp to switch things up.

●       2x 410g cans Rhodes Quality Guava Halves in Syrup

●       65ml (¼ cup) castor sugar

●       30-45ml (2-3 tbs) lemon or lime juice

●       2 egg whites, stiffly beaten

●       Drain the can of Rhodes Quality Guava Halves in Syrup and place the fruit in a blender with the sugar and lemon or lime juice and blend until smooth.

●       Push the mixture through a sieve and place in a metal mixing bowl. Fold in the egg whites and place the bowl in the freezer.

●       Stir and break up any ice crystals every 30 minutes or so until the sorbet is too frozen to stir any longer then transfer to a storage container, cover and keep frozen until required.


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