#CelebrateOpenings with Zari Sparkling Grape

The growing world-wide trend to focus on health and wellness is having an important effect on the way we consume drinks – and specifically alcoholic beverages. Zari Sparkling Grape, the Proudly South African premium non-alcoholic bubbly offers us the ideal solution.
Adding glamour, flair and sparkle to momentous occasion, catering for this new discerning market.
Zari Sparkling Grape non-alcoholic bubble #CelebrateOpenings
Zari Events
The gorgeous packaging gives it the stylish look and feel that says “let’s celebrate”!  With the pay-off line “celebrate openings” it is perfect for celebrating new beginnings and special events.  Think of celebrations like baby showers, birthdays, corporate launches, graduations, etc!
Zari Sparkling Grape non-alcoholic bubble #CelebrateOpenings
Zari Babyshowers

Zari Sparkling Grape hails from the Robertson wine region and is made from 100% Cape Muscat Seedless Grape varietals.  These grapes are used to produce Zari Noble Ruby Red and Royale Gold White in a cork bubbly style.

Zari Sparkling Grape non-alcoholic bubble #CelebrateOpenings
Zari Weddings
Silvana Dantu, dynamic female entrepeneur and co-founder of Zari says “The celebrate openings trend provides us with an ideal way to connect with our customers, not just at the festive season, but all year round, helping us to create the beautiful, memorable and shareable experiences promised by our brand ~  from receiving and opening, to tasting and toasting beautiful life events such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, wedding vows, Valentine’s Day or Eid we look forward to celebrating and sharing the special occasion of our lives with Zari and continuing to exceed the expectations of our customers with surprise and delight at every touch point. ”
Zari Sparkling Grape non-alcoholic bubbly #CelebrateOpenings
Zari Celebrations
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