Calexico – new Americana Restaurant at 44 Stanley

The much-anticipated re-opening and revamp of Stanley Beer Yard!

Calexico 44 Stanley Johannesburg Boozy Foodie News

The brand-new doors opened on Friday to reveal an entire new look and new name. Co-owners Larry Hodes and Michael Vacy-Lyle are excited to show Joburg what they have in store: “The new restaurant is an eclectic mix of Americana style food, décor and music – staying true to the nature of Stanley beer Yard, but with a shinier and edgier feel”.


Calexico 44 Stanley Johannesburg Boozy Foodie News
Photo credit: Calexico (Instagram)

Calexico is a border city in California: a portmanteau of the words California and Mexico and a perfect intermingling of music genres, food and dance.  The band of the same name is an Americana, Indie, country, folk and Latin rock band from Arizona. The music style, like the city it gets its name from, is a blend of southern Californian and Mexican inspired sounds.

“Their feel-good harmonies, alongside legends like Band of Horses, the Eagles, The Band, Otis Redding, John Coltrane, Bob Marley and The Beastie Boys have inspired our very own Calexico: an Americana style restaurant and bar.

Calexico has its roots in great music and being first and foremost a vinyl lounge, we have decided to include a vinyl wall full of records from legendary musicians. We have included a classic record player, where patrons are welcome to play their own choice of vinyl during the day” says Larry Hodes.

The new menu was designed by chef and food stylist Robyn Timson-Moss, who believes the food is a vibrant take of classic Californian-style dishes. Think artichoke, nachos and hot brisket and racks and racks of ribs.

Calexico prides itself on diversity and originality – inspiration hit when trawling through the names of great rock legends and flavourful food styles and genres – a perfect combo of music, eating and drinking.

Calexico 44 Stanley Johannesburg Boozy Foodie News
Photo Credit: Calexico (Instragram)

Real music never gets old.

 For bookings please call 011 482 5791

Every Thursday and Friday evenings there is a Vinyl DJ and live music every Saturday from 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm.

Images and info supplied – PR 

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