Life is too Short to Eat Lettuce: Mini Frittatas with Sugar-free Tomato and Apple Chutney

I started a recipe blog called “Life is Too Short to Eat Lettuce” exactly three years ago.  Okay, three years and 2 days ago.  At that stage I was a guru (in my own eyes) in healthy eating and was involved with a well-known weigh-loss organisation.  Well, in the meantime a LOT has changed and I’ve gone the total opposite way.  Gained a ridiculous amount of weight and to be honest, I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin anymore.  Okay – this is getting a little too honest I guess!

So moving on quickly!

As a result of being not as healthy as I can be, I have neglected my original blog, (Life’s too short….) quite a bit.  With about 135 recipes, I figured that I have more than enough healthier options to choose from, so why not actually use it!

So one of my NUMEROUS projects this year is to revisit some of these recipes and try ’em again!  AND to maybe edit some of the posts and add some more photos.  When I originally started the blog is was simply just to share recipes with my personal friends, so there are some real shocking photos – don’t judge me – with text added *facepalm*.  When I started the blog, that was absolutely fine, but now I am ready to improve a bit – and see where it takes me.  Making some of these recipes will hopefully help me ‘fake it till I make it’ 😉

So here are the first recipes I posted on Life is Too Short to Eat Lettuce:

I made a new batch this morning, tweaking the original recipe a bit!

The ideal New Years’ Breakfast – if I do say so myself 🙂

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