Sipping Musgrave Copper Black Honey Brandy

I’m sure you are well aware of the Musgrave Spirits brand, especially the renowned pink gin. How familiar are you with their handcrafted brandies though?

Musgrave Spirits produces two brandies, firstly Musgrave Copper Vanilla and also, Musgrave Copper Black Honey. Today, I decided to feature the later – it is perfect for the cooler evenings!

Musgrave Copper Black Honey Brandy is a potstill brandy infused with a dark and rich winter honey found in the forests of Zambia. It is deep caramel in color and exhibits a complex profile. The honey gives the brandy a deep and luxurious flavor with a hint of sweetness.

Musgrave Copper Black Honey Brandy is produced by Musgrave Spirits, a South African company that specializes in crafting premium spirits. The company has won several awards for its products, including the Gold Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2019 for Musgrave Copper Black Honey Brandy.

Why you will enjoy this!

🍯 The brandy has a subtle and attractive note of vanilla on the nose, along with some floral fragrance.
🍯 The palate is clean, light and fresh with a slight but not unpleasant sweetness to the finish

It is delicious to sip as it is, or to use in cocktails.

Who doesn’t whipping up easy, but delicious cocktails at home? Musgrave Copper Black Honey makes it even easier. This is my take on the decadent Brandy Alexander!

2 x measures Musgrave Copper Black Honey Brandy
2 x measures cream
1/2 measure sugar syrup
1/2 measure espresso port

Mix in a cocktail shaker together with a few blocks of ice (or a glass jar with a tight fitting lid, if you don’t have a cocktail shaker). Strain and serve into you favourite cocktail glass. I was supposed to add finely grated dark chocolate on top, but was too keen to sip and savour this delicious cocktail! I may remember next time! 😉

Have you tried this #potstillbrandy? Add it to your “must sip” list!

(Drink Responsibly, for over 18s only)

Distributed locally (in South Africa) by Halewood Beverages

Available at most major liquor retails or online






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