Nkuli, Bacardi Ambassador chats with BoozyFoodie about Craigellachie Whisky.

Craigellachie Whisky held an intimate dinner experience at Marabi Club in the hub of Johannesburg’s downtown scene on Thursday, the 24th of March 2022.

Marabi was transformed into an oasis for the Craigellachie Dinner Experience – dressed in wildflowers and oak toned decor, transporting guests to a unique brand incubation.

The award-winning Single Malt Scotch rebels against conventional whisky norms in how it shows up and this intimate evening was no different.

After the night’s feast, we caught up with Bacardi Ambassador, Nkuli – who took a few moments to introduce us to Craigellachie and catch-up on how she met with a career in cocktails.


1. We LOVE girls behind the bar, tell us about how you wound up in one of the coolest jobs in branding?

My bartending career started like most of us, studying and wanting to earn some money on the side. My first mentors came from my first job working at a mobile bar service. Dino Batista entered me into bartender cocktail competitions because he saw my potential when I couldn’t. From there onwards I quickly fell in love with the industry. Cocktails were no longer limited to Long Islands and Mojito but had expanded to learning the history of the category of spirits and trying out different cocktail recipes of my own. I think through my growing love and passion for the industry, I started getting a bit of attention and brands started to recognise me. I worked on quite a few Bombay Sapphire campaigns such as the Artender series. Due to the complications of Covid-19, the mobile bar service I worked for closed and in the following year, Bacardi approached. I was honoured and it felt like a full circle moment.

Putting yourself out there is something I tell bartenders now. Enter those competitions, do those weird and unusual flavours.


2. How would you describe the taste portfolio of Craigellachie Whisky?

Unusual but in the best of ways. Craigellachie’s. It reminds me so much of camping. You get those lovely hint of smokiness of the toasted marshmallows that compliments well with tropical fruits. I know strange to get both heavy toasty flavours but also pineapple and crisp apple. Each sip is different and that’s why it feels this whisky is quite an experience.


3. For the scotch lovers who need a bit of a nudge, what serves would you recommend?

A round-up of 3 recommended serves:


– for the avid whisky drinker
Avid whiskey lovers want to taste the whiskey so I would recommend something that is spirit forward: OLD SOUL

– 60ml Craigellachie 17
– 10ml Pineapple Syrup
– 2 dashes of Angosturo Bitters

Stir this down in your glass and garnish it with a pineapple wedge.


– for the tester

A perfectly well-balanced cocktail is something I would recommend for someone who is not sure about whisky but wants to give it a shot: ROCKY SOUR

50 ml Craigellachie 13
25ml lemon juice
25ml Simple Syrup
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
1 pinch of salt

Shake all these ingredients in cocktail shaker, and then single strain into a tumbler glass. It will have a delicious citrus flavour that complement the tropical flavours of the Craigellachie.


– for the person we have to convince

A simple yet delicious cocktail. Something that is long and refreshing and easy to make at home.

50ml Craigellachie 13
25ml Apple Juice
20ml Cinnamon Syrup
Top with Soda Water

Just add all these ingredients into your Collins glass, and garnish with a few thinly sliced apple


The 6-part taste journey saw guests enjoy an immersive masterclass that took a unique take on the hosting – with Chef, MC and Brand Trade Ambassador sharing the hosting duties of the night. Guests rounded off their evening at the Craigellachie gifting booth, where personalised leather cardholders were printed on-site as a memento.

“Our aim was to create a tailored experience that will educate and connect the consumer with Craigellachie, increasing awareness of brand’s taste portfolio. We wanted to host an intimate selection of individuals who are known for their adventurous palettes, taking them through a Nose to Tail Experience of brand. Our tastings were most successful in introducing how Craigellachie can be enjoyed and we look forward to encouraging more South African consumers to expand their whisky portfolios with Craigellachie” said Chadwin Segeel, Brand Representative of Craigellachie Whisky.

For more information on Craigellachie, visit https://www.craigellachie.com/za/en/ and follow @CRAIGELLACHIE on Instagram.
For more press Information: admin@experiences-hub.com


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