What I am reading: The Marriage Secret by Carey Baldwin #RoeliaReads

The Marriage Secret by Carey Baldwin
Narrated by Stephanie Cannon

#TheMarriageSecret #NetGalley

General Fiction (Adult), Mystery and Thrillers, Domestic Thriller

Carey Baldwin is a bestselling author of dark and twisty psychological suspense. Being a doctor by day and a suspense author by night, she offers unique insights into the human mind and our (twisted?) thought processes. Edge of your seat writing! From what I could figure out, “The Marriage Secret” is her 10th book.

The Marriage Secret Carey BaldwinThe Marriage Secret is a real page-turner with numerous twists and turns. This should give you a good idea of where we’re going with this: “He married me despite my darkest secret. But am I safe now that I know his?” It is the classic case of where a marriage can look perfect and happy from the outside, but the rot from within becomes all-consuming (without giving too much away!). Happily married with a brand new baby, Holly is becoming more suspicions about her super successful husband, Zach. Is it all in her mind – only baby brain or even depression? And at the centre of it all, Holly does not have a squeaky clean past, and Zach is aware of it.

This is an audiobook review, so more about the narrator. The book is narrated by Stephanie Cannon, professional voice-over artist. Stephanie’s natural and engaging manner makes it easy to understand why she has narrated more than 100 audiobooks already! Well-paced and clear narration, which helps to capture this book’s personalities and characters effortless. I would definitely recommend the audiobook version.

I will give this book 4/5 – I must admit, I was a bit rushed because I only had a very limited time to listen to the audiobook before it’s official release on 11 February, but seeing that this was also quite a fast-paced and gripping read, it was easy to manage. Some of the characters I found very unlikeable and almost cringe-worthy, but I do understand that is the role they need to play in the story as well. I did battle with the title a bit, but it is clear that it comes from the crux of the story, i.e. the manipulative power of secrets in a marriage .

This book is due for (world-wide?) publication on 11 February 2022 and I’d like to thank #NetGalley and Bookouture Audio for the advance review copy. #TheMarriageSecret


I got an #ARC copy od CareyBaldwin’s #TheMarriageSecret from #NetGalley Fast-paced, with lots of twists and suspense! #roeliareads #booktok

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