Tuna Tzatziki Wrap

Another lunch!  Another wrap!

This time,  I decided to add tuna to one of my favourite sides – tzatziki! I love the fresh combination of cucumber, mint and yogurt.  And tzatziki is very versatile!  Great as a side to braaied (it is a South African thing!) chicken, pork or beef.  Haven’t combined it with fish before, so this was one of those experimental meals!  LOL!  And I think it was pretty successful!

Okay, first tzatziki:

1/2 grated cucumber, sprinkled with salt and left for about 30 – 60 minutes to get rid of the extra moisture.  I always leave it in a coriander to strain.  Squeeze out any excess water, make sure to get it all out  – with your hands is actually the easiest, or press it between 2 side plates.

Next stir in about 100ml plain fat free yogurt, 1 tablespoon of grated onion, 1 finely crushed garlic clove, a small handful of finely chopped mint (dried mint works well), black pepper and my secret ingredient – a sprinkling of Aromat.

Tuna Tsatziki Wrap Life Is Too Short To Eat Lettuce

Drain 1 tin of tuna (in brine).  It is very important to make sure all water is drained, otherwise the mixture gets very soggy.  Mix the tuna and tzatziki together – I added a few springs of finely chopped dill, and some salad onions.

Tuna Tzatziki Wrap

And voila!  Leave in the fridge for a few hours for the flavours to develop.  I had on a wrap, with some colourful cherry tomatoes and lettuce.

Tuna Tzatziki Wrap

Again, any filling that works well as a wrap filling can be served in pitas, on whole wheat bread or just add a handful of lettuce leaves, and you have a lovely, fresh and filling salad.

Fresh and yummy!

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