About South African Iconic Pantry Items – and WIN WINE! #ChateauRevival

The iconic Chateau Libertas has been a proudly South African staple for almost 90 years. I can remember it being a feature at braais and Sunday lunches ever since I can remember! While being quite affordable, it featured recently as a Top 10 wine in an established local wine report. So this granddaddy of red blends is still going strong! It recently got a sexy new look, it now comes in a convenient and eco-friendly 2-litre bag-in-box. #ChateauRevival Chateau Libertas has Nostalgia All Boxed Up #News  

Well, let’s take it a step further! While we are chatting about “South African icons”, let’s look at a few truly South African pantry staples.

  • Black Cat Peanut Butter – spread thickly with lots of butter of fresh white bread
  • Ouma Rusks – Dip ‘n Ouma! Need I say more?
  • Joko Tea – strong and comforting


  • Ghost Pops – nibble while chilling in front of the TV
  • Oros – ice cold and refreshing
  • Mrs Ball’s Chutney – with bobotie and yellow rice
  • Baked Beans – on toast!
  • All Gold Tomato Sauce – the ONLY tomato sauce on chips!














  • And proudly taking it’s place – Chateau Libertas! The classic favourite!

If you have to add a 10th South African pantry favourite, what would it be?

We thought very carefully and long about it and decided to add AROMAT! Have it sprinkled on mielies, with scrambled eggs on toast and our favourite – on warm freshly popped popcorn!

So, remember that I mentioned that you can WIN some CHATEAU LIBERTAS? I’ve got FOUR boxes of 2-liter Chateau Libertas to give away – one each for FOUR winners.  Here’s how to enter  Win on Instagram


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