#DrinkofTheDay: Sipping Freely Hard Seltzer

I am always cautious to “announce a new feature” because real-life often trips me up.  But, seeing that it is a new month, with new possibilities and a brand new to-do list, let’s give it a go!

My #DrinkOfTheDay will possibly not be a daily feature, but the plan is to share whatever featured on my “to sip list”.  Nothing overly wordy or complex, just a few photos and notes.  And hopefully, you will try these recommendations as well!

So let’s jump right in.

Hard Seltzers are all the rage, and we now have a few in South Africa as well.  What is a hard seltzer?  This drink originated in the US of A, and is basically boozy sparkling water, with a bit of flavour added.

*Freely enters from left stage*

Freely Hard Seltzer #EnjoyFreely #LiveFreely














We now have our very own, proudly South African hard seltzers as well.  Freely offers the healthier option, with a 3% alcohol content, 23 calories per 100ml, no sugar, and a fresh, natural fruit taste.  It is also available in three flavours:  Lime, Peach and Wild Berry, so you’re bound to find one you like!

So, I had the opportunity to sip the Peach flavoured Freely.

Freely Hard Seltzer














Freely is read-to-drink, easy-sipping, light and really refreshing.  Just what you need after a busy day at the office.  No need to mix, measure or shake.  As an added benefit, Freely is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly, so it is will fit in with many a healthy lifestyle.

Freely Hard Seltzer













I also sipped my Freely with a few fresh white nectarine slices and a dash of granadilla juice.

Freely Hard Seltzer
























Freely Hard Seltzer





















Why don’t you try it out?

Available exclusively at Checkers LiquorShop countrywide, Freely sells at R79.99 for a pack of four 275ml glass bottles. 


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