#FourCousinsInspiration Share a Message of Resilience and Courage

I don’t need to tell you about the very challenging 300-and-something days that we’ve all been through to date.

I know I am not the only one who, in early February 2020, could not have foreseen what was coming next.  As a country we’ve been through so much, this global pandemic had a devastating effect on so many of our people, our livelihoods, our families.

One of the hardest-hit sectors must be the wine industry.  Not just the wine estates (as if the huge losses experienced are not enough), but also the wider knock-on effect – including tourism, restaurants, various suppliers and service providers.  It is now, more than ever, time to reach within and remind ourselves that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  How to drive that home?  To be reminded of our strength as a nation and to harness an attitude of gratitude.  Sounds like a cliche?  Well, you know it is true.

The opportunity came about to join forces with Four Cousins, well-known and well-loved South African wine brand,  in their #strongertogether #FourCousinsInspiration campaign.

Four Cousins Wine #StrongerTogether #FourCousinsInspiration












The aim of this collaboration?  To join a few chosen creatives in the call to up-cycle an empty wine bottle (very symbolic w.r.t what the wine industry is experiencing) in a way to evoke feelings of love, positivity, harmony and resilience.  Paying tribute to what’s giving us hope in these very strange and unprecedented times.

Four Cousins Wine #StrongerTogether #FourCousinsInspiration











Looking at the packaging our Four Cousins bottles for upcycling were delivered in, words like “Trust”, “Brave”, “Safe”, “Unwavering” and “Courageous” jumped to the forefront.  With the artistic inspiration from my husband, JP, we decide to use this chance to honour this moment in time and showcase what we are grateful for, what gives us the strength to carry on.


A tribute to our healthcare and frontline workers

These real-life heroes deserve to be celebrated.  We thank you for putting your life on the line – every single day for the past year.  The endless hours in sometimes horrid conditions, battling fear and frustrations every step of the way.

The multi-coloured angel wings and folded arms in our depiction show pure determination and strength. We salute you.

Honoring all our everyday heroes

The one goes out to every single person who wakes up every day and just keeps going. This one is for all of those who keep wearing their masks, put one foot in front of the other, keep doing their best to keep themselves and those around them safe.  No matter how frustrating it is, no matter how tired you are, no matter how much you long for the way things were.  If you are living through this, you are a hero.

As South Africans we will bravely get through this, we will persevere.

In this design, we purposefully used the ‘Superman’ colours and logo to show superhuman strength (in yellow and red), combined with purple – the colour of South Africa’s very own varietal, pinotage, as a nod to the wine industry.










Thank you Four Cousins for the opportunity for us the show off our Dynamic Duo as a way to pay homage.  We are all truly #strongertogether 


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