It is Bloody Mary Day! Cocktail 3 of 365

So in 2020, roughly 3 years ago, I had the best intention to start trying to make more classic cocktails.  Those drinks that are easy to make, without any complicated bar tools and ingredients.  I have the utmost admiration for all those marvellous and talented mixologists out there, but sometimes a girl just wants a quick cocktail that she can whip up in her own kitchen.

Apart from the fact that we are (finally) welcoming the new year, it is also Bloody Mary Day! The first of January is often seen as a ‘hangover day’ following the festivities of waving goodbye to the previous year.  Thus this drink is also known to be ‘morning after the night before’ brunch kinda cocktail.   Some swear by it!

As with most classic cocktails, it isn’t clear where the name originates from, the same going for who the original ‘inventor’ was.  When it comes to possible namesakes, most often it is mentioned that the “Bloody Mary” refers to Queen Mary I of England, Mary Pickford (Hollywood actress), or a waitress who worked at the Bucket of Blood bar in Chicago, named Mary.

The Bloody Mary is such a versatile cocktail.  The garnishes, flavour options, even the spirits used can be tweaked and added to create interesting takes on the classic version.  Originally, this cocktail contained:  Tomato Juice, Vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, lemon juice, black pepper and celery salt.

And you can ‘dress it up’ as well, so much fun!

Bloody Mary
















Or these beautiful boozy brunch drinks whipped up by Its Fooodoo (Janthinus Schrage) during a recent weekend in the Bushveld.












This was our 2021 effort!  Because Bacon!  Thank you Smulpape it was so good!

























What is your favourite Bloody Mary garnish?  Do you have a preferred way of mixing your Bloody Marys?


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