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If you should ask what most people learnt from the year, the answer “to appreciate spending time with friends, doing things that we used to take for granted”.  There are so many examples of this.  For us, one of the activities we miss most is the opportunity to attend wine shows and tastings.  But, fret not, RMB WineX has got us (and you) covered.

Joburg’s biggest wine show launched “Wine in Your Own Time” to help us fill that gap.






This initiative is truly ground-breaking, giving wine producers the opportunity to still be able to tell us, the wine-loving public about their ranges and vintages.  All 100% safe and online.  You can access (for free!!) various tasting videos from more than 60 wine estates, the majority featuring the winemakers themselves.  And this time we are sharing the WineX experience with the rest of the country as well, no matter where you are based.

So how about this Delightfully Decadent December idea?
  1. Organise a virtual wine tasting, because #socialdistancing
  2. Invite a couple of your wine-loving friends via Zoom
  3. Have a look (beforehand) on and choose your favourite wine estate (or challenge yourself with a few you are maybe not that familiar with and always wanted to try).  You can view a list of wines here and order online as well
  4. Agree with your vino friends which wines to buy to try
  5. Get together via Zoom, sip your wines and compare notes while working your way through the tasting videos.

Sounds like fun huh?  Better set it up quickly though, these tasting videos will only be available until the end of December 2020.

The fabulous folks at WineX also very kindly sent us a few of the featured wines to try, just to further ease the FOMO. And boy, did they succeed.

One of the gems we received was the Piekenierskloof Carel van Zyl Old Vine Grenache 2018.  What an absolute stunner.  Piekenierskloof falls under “one of those wine estates we don’t know enough about”.  We have tasted a few Piekenierskloof wines at a smaller local wine festival last year and was quite excited about their grenache offerings.












And in the year 2020, with perfect serendipity, we now received the king of Grenache to taste.  Juicy, earthy, spicy, elegant.  Deliciously desirable.












We’ve learnt that every day is a good day for that special occasion wine.  So why not have it on a random weekday for dinner?

No complicated creations to compete with the wine.  Just a yummy homemade stir-fry.  This is a divine food wine.












Enjoyed even more while watching the tasting video.












Support South African wines, share, enjoy and sip responsibly.

Make your December Deliciously Decadent!



Cover photo:  Photo by Árpád Czapp on Unsplash


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