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After months of being stuck at home, we are finally allowed to travel intra-provincially.  I’m seriously envious of my friends who live in the Western Cape because they are in closer proximity to the Winelands’s unique beauty.  But, instead of me acting like a bloody brat, let me rather tell you about our visit one of our favourite gems, Kunjani Wines.














As part of a fabulously fun trip to the Winelands (as if the hashtag #3latte1platte doesn’t tell you enough – and yes Karen, it was pre-COVID19) with my fellow #winebuddies (my yummy other half Jan, and my “hartsmense” brothers from another mother, Janthinus and Stefan Schrage), we had the chance to explore and experience Kunjani Wines to the fullest*.

#3Latte1Platte Jan, me, Janthinus and Stefan Photo: Janthinus Schrage











Kunjani means “Hi, how are you?”, a truly South African token of warm hospitality and the start to many lasting friendships.  Which is exactly what you will encounter at this winery.














Owners Paul and Pia have created a modernistic and stylish haven. You can’t help but double-take as you walk through the doors.  Splashes of colour, contemporary lines, bold prints, accents of red – a visual feast.  I will gladly admit that my cellphone photos don’t do the interior view enough credit.  Lesson learnt – take a proper camera with next time!  In the meantime, to prove my point, have a look here:

Then you meet Paul and Pia and you quickly realise that the vibrancy and design elements in the decor are directly linked to their personas.  Colourful, lively, engaging, spirited.  Their passion and dedication to Kunjani are simply infectious.

This is how long and lazy lunches with friends should be spent!  Scrumptious meals, lively wines and a stunning setting.

What a memory!

But, ladies and gentlemen, that was not the end of our visit.  We did not just get into our rental Corolla and went home (thank goodness for that!).

We spent the night at one of the Kunjani’s private villas.  And look here, our little piece of heaven was very aptly named “Shiraz Cottage”, perfect for us!

Photo: Stefan Schrage













If you need some luxurious leisure in your life (and who doesn’t), this is the ideal weekend getaway.  Every kitchen appliance you can possibly need, coffee pods (I have a bit of an issue with sachet coffee), quality bedding, the softest pillows, the list goes on and on.

Time just flew, and then it was the morning after the night before – fueled by a much-needed caffeine boost!  Say Kunjani!














We truly wished that we could spend more time here, we would have loved to stay and relish these deluxe moments for a while longer. Alas!

Thanks for this truly memorable experience and your generous hospitality Paul, Pia, Zelda and the rest of the Kunjani Family!  And remember this important life lesson, always be lekker!

Be sure to visit Kunjani’s website for more info on their accommodation options and delectable meals.  Also remember that,  although we are still living under the restrictions of the alcohol ban, you can order Kunjani’s award-winning wines online, for delivery as soon as the regulations allow 

*Disclosure:  we were hosted by Kunjani Wines 

#3Latte1Platte is myself and: 




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