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Continuing our “journey” of wine memories! Hoping to re-live at least some of these, sometime in the (near!) future.

Okay, Allée Bleue is before Allesverloren in the alphabet, but I discovered these photos this morning (after I shared yesterday’s post) and just had to do a quick snippet about Allée Bleue as well!

Our visit to Allée Bleue was quite a while ago, and it was a quickie seeing that we popped in shortly before the tasting room closed.  Our planning is usually not so shocking, but we just couldn’t give it a miss!

Allée Bleue Boozy Foodie Roelia Schoeman











“Allée Bleue” is in the picturesque Franschhoek Wine Valley.  The name means “blue avenue” or “blue drive” – named after the blue eucalyptus trees that line the drive up to this wine estate. Absolutely magnificent!  (I will take more/better photos next time!).

At that time I was surprised to learn that Allée Bleue is also one of the top three herb suppliers in the Western Cape, supplying to Woolies, Pick ‘n Pay, Foodlovers, etc.  In their hydroponic tunnels, they produce a massive 1.2 tons of herbs each week.  Yes, each WEEK!  Astounding isn’t it!  Allée Bleue is also the top producer of sharon fruit (persimmons) in the province.  Seriously impressive.  You will also find their own grappa, port, grappa, and balsamic vinegar. If you plan a visit, do stop by the Marché (farm stall).











Because we were a little pressed for time, we did rush the experience a bit. Be sure to check out their full portfolio, there is something for everyone.  But, I can remember that I absolutely loved the Brut MCC!  Our very brief visit made a lasting impression and since then we have tried a few more of their wines.  Check out the Premium Range Chenin Blanc and the flagship Allée Bleue Isabeau!

We hope to be back and explore more of this beautiful and diverse wine estate.  To see what activities are on offer (and to order for delivery once allowed  – read more here: http://alleebleue.co.za/




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