Favourite Finds: Week 4

I skipped a couple of weeks because I felt a little lethargic and my working days have been quite full.  I think that, after all this time living the lockdown life, it is becoming very surreal – this ‘new normal’ that we are facing. Call it Lockdown Fatique, Zoom Fatique or just what fresh-hell-is-this Fatique.  But I also realise that this is a very unique moment in time that we are currently living in and living through.  We all have different coping mechanisms to deal with it, so I will revert back to mine – to keep my mind and senses occupied and thriving. So here is a look back on the past week (or longer) that was!

What I watched:

The first season of the dark comedy was released on Netflix last year, with the second season following relatively shortly after that.  After catching a glimpse of the trailer, this show went straight to Number 1 on my ‘must-watch’ list.  And I wasn’t disappointed!  Twists, turns, fun, panic – I just loved it!  If you enjoyed shows like Desperate Housewives (how is that for a blast from the past!), Santa Clarita Diet and Good Girls – this is for you!


What I listened to:

IMDb, my go-to reference when it comes to all things movies and TV-related, recently launched a new podcast named “Movies That Changed My Life”.  On this entertaining podcast, IMDb’s Ian de Borja chats to well-known actors and filmmakers, sharing the movies that shaped their journey.  There are only a couple of episodes, seeing that this was launched in May 2020 – so it will make a quick binge!  Some of the movies discussed bought back some very fond memories (like Elle Fanning’s love for The Neverending Story) and I now feel the need to watch/rewatch some of these films discussed.  A must for movie lovers.

What I made:

Personally, I love a loaf of good quick bread. No kneading, no waiting, no special tools needed.  There is absolutely an argument for proper sourdough and other yeast-type bread, but so far I haven’t been brave enough to attempt that. This nostalgic gingerbread recipe is out of the “Kook en Geniet”, the ultimate (Afrikaans?) South African cookbook, so you are guaranteed classic goodness.

Favourite Quick Breads: Gingerbread KEG Comfort

What is on my Wish List:

This week it was a tough one.  Seeing that we’re literally counting down the days before we are able to actually purchase some wine to have with our dinner, I originally thought of doing a boozy wishlist item.

But, to be honest, the new Sea Salt colour by Le Creuset features more often in my daydreams. I am obviously a little obsessed with this brand, seeing that it is the second time it features on my “Favourite Finds” list.

Isn’t this beautiful?  Le Creuset often offers good discounts so, do check it out!  https://www.lecreuset.co.za/

Le Creuset Sea Salt

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