The Dude Abides – White Russian Cocktail: 2 of 365

I mentioned earlier this year that I am on a mission to make, sip and share some of the most popular and classic cocktails out there.  I kicked off this long term series with the Porn Star Martini.  (Read more here:

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Being a bit of a movie geek, the fact that the 6 th of March is “The Day of The Dude”, could not go by without a mention.  For those of you who are not familiar with the back story, this day is named after “The Dude” from “The Big Lebowski“, released in 1998.

This cult classic crime caper by the brilliant Coen brothers revolves around our main character, a chilled slacker simply called “The Dude”, portrayed magnificently by Jeff Bridges.  It is all about a case of mistaken identity, kidnappings, stolen carpets and bowling tied together by brilliant dialogue and multifarious characters.  This movie features John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore and Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and John Turturro – simply brilliant!  Apart from the fact that it sparked an entirely new religion called Dudeism, this movie also put the classic White Russian (back) on the map.

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Throughout the movie, you can see The Dude sipping on his favourite drink, the White Russian cocktail. My frame of reference at that stage was ‘some booze with milk’, the kind of thing you do as a student on a budget. Come on, I’m sure you’ve done it before? Cheap whisky and milk? Delgado and milk? With Mokkador and milk, I was closer than I thought!

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A White Russian is, in fact, Kahlúa, Vodka and Cream.  Yes, that’s it.

Kahlúa is synonymous with The White Russian.  This brand even lists the creation of this cocktail in 1955 on their website as part of their history.

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The cult status of “The Big Lebowski” and The Dude’s constant sipping of the White Russian spilt over into pop art as well.

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No special equipment or bar tools needed, the recipe is super simple.  Like cocktails should be, so much easier to just make more!

  • 1 Part Vodka
  • 1 Part Kahlúa
  • 1 Part Cream
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In a tumbler, add a few blocks of ice, add the Kahlúa and Vodka

Kahlúa Boozy Foodie South Africa White Russian The Day of The Dude
















And then, add the cream!

Kahlúa Boozy Foodie South Africa White Russian The Day of The Dude











And that is it.

Kahlua Boozy Foodie South Africa White Russian











It can not be more simple. There is some discussion out there as if the cocktails should be stirred or layered as above. I preferred it stirred though, it best integrates the flavours.

And The Dude prefers it like that as well.

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Oh yes, and I noticed that The White Russian is even featured on the back of the Kahlúa bottle.











Even (my) The Dude abides!













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