Malt Barrel and Fire at Montecasino

A while ago (yes, this year is just rushing by wayyyyy too fast), I was fortunate enough to be invited to a media evening at Malt Barrel & Fire at Montecasino.

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I have visited Malt Barrel & Fire previously, shortly after they opened their doors at the end of last year.  A marvelous spot for cocktails with friends!

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The sister-restaurant (or I guess in this case, it would be the original Malt) in Silver Lakes, Pretoria has been on our radar for quite a while because it came so highly recommended. Now, finally, I had the opportunity to experience the Malt menu in full!

Upon arrival, which coincided with cocktail hour and the buzz of the after-work crowd, we were presented with the extensive cocktail and drinks menu.  This is probably going to sound like the biggest cliche, but there is definitely something for everyone.  To quote:  “16 draught beers on tap (including Hoegaarden, Soweto Cherry Ale and Red Rock Nine Inch Ale); over 40 bottled beers from around the world; an ever-growing selection of more than 80 different whiskies – malts and blends (including unusual whiskies like The Glenlivet Code Special Edition, Tweeddale Grain of Truth, Scallywag, Rock Oyster 18YO, Glenfiddich Project XX and Glenfiddich IPA); delicious and different cocktails for every occasion; spirits of all types; carefully selected wines; and really great tasting milkshakes such as Nutella & Marshmallow, Ferrero Rocher, Caramel Popcorn, and Oreo.”  I know right!?  Seriously impressive!

I am usually not keen to use cellphone photos in blog posts, but just look at this flamboyant beauty!

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To showcase their beer and whisky selection, we were treated to a beer and whisky tasting competition during the course of the evening.  What a treat!

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Next up, the eats.

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Chicken strips, samoosas, calamari, chicken wings, halloumi, kebabs, ribs, pita, hummus, potato wedges, pizza – we tried it all!  Almost every single item we tried was tasty and well-prepared, but the chicken wings (with sweet teriyaki sauce) just blew me away.  It was seriously good!  Finishing of this feast with a couple of sweet treats, especially the dark chocolate mousse.

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I have been back to Malt Barrel & Fire a couple of times since.  I just had to let Hubby taste those chicken wings.  This also makes a great spot for a bite to eat before rushing off to the Teatro or Pieter Toerien Theater.  On their menu Malt makes special mention of which meals are quick to prepare, to make sure you don’t miss the show.  A cool initiative! Consistency is key, and Malt doesn’t disappoint.

  • Ambience:  Casual, but comfortable gastropub.  We’ve been there for lunch and dinner on various occasions.  It can get busy and buzzing at nights.
  • Service: Good, friendly
  • Menu Variety: Not a lot of vegetarian options, I guess it is expected, seeing that this is grill-style restaurant. They may want to expand the menu a bit though.
  • Food: Finger food, pizza, burgers, platters – the menu items I have personally tried was quite tasty!
  • Drinks:  As above, a large and impressive variety.

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