La Motte: A Culture of Excellence

Yes, it’s taking me some time to tell all our stories, but here we continue!

After our visit to Leopard’s Leap, we decided to also pop in at their neighbour, La Motte.  La Motte is renowed for exquisite quality and elegance, and as their slogan states: “A culture of excellence”.

La Motte Roelia Schoeman #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist
Welcomed to La Motte by Wine Bearer sculpture by Toby Megaw


















It will be impossible to talk about La Motte without referring to their strong connection and affinity to the life and work of  South African artist Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886 – 1957).  Pierneef’s unique and distinctive style, to picture the South African landscape as geometric shapes, line, colours and structures, using line and colour to bring harmony and order.

La Motte found inspiration in JH Pierneef almost everywhere you go on this beautiful wine estate.  From the award-winning Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant , to the Pierneef Collection (La Motte’s premium range wines), to the museum featuring a largest collection of Pierneef’s works.  A vast array of Pierneef’s linocuts are also on display in various areas throughout the estate.

What a beautiful spot to get immersed in art, food, wine – the finer things in life!

La Motte Roelia Schoeman #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist








While our folks decided to grab a cup of tea at the restaurant, we made our way to the wine tasting area.

The tasting room is warm and welcoming, with big leather couches and a huge fire place.

La Motte #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist














And as you can see, we made ourselves comfy right here!  We tasted a few of the current vintage range, and it includes some award winning gems, but it was the Pierneef Collection (Syrah Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc) that bowled us over.

La Motte #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist








La Motte #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist














La Motte has got a wide variety of activities and attractions to keep you busy.  I was just looking at the food and wine pairings and other events lined up, we will definitely plan better next time!

What a lovely experience, thank you!

Added extra:

As mentioned previously, we loved the Pierneef Collection so much, we had to bring some home with us!











We decided that the Syrah Viognier will pair perfectly with a simple yet flavourful dish, so Jan made this paprika, crispy sage and chili (not too hot) butter ravioli.

Yes, we cheated a bit with the store-bought beef ravioli, but it was still really good!

*Our wine tasting was sponsored by La Motte.


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