The Leopard’s Leap Experience

So, we are continuing our #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist adventure. After our visit to Babylonstoren (read here: The Beauty of Babylonstoren) making our way more towards Franschhoek.

I must admit, we’ve had mixed experiences when it comes to Franschhoek wine estates.  From discovering an absolute hidden gem by pure chance  (Stony Brook) to having a terrible tasting experience at one of the more ‘elite’ wine estates (I won’t mention the name).

BUT we were quite keen to give Franschhoek another try, and when we were invited to Leopard’s Leap we leaped at the opportunity!  Yes, I know, that was probably a very lame pun!

When we arrived at the wine estate, it was drizzling softly and we were quite impressed by the sleek and modern design of the building.

#BoozyFoodieCapeTwist Leopard's Leap
















Upon entering we were welcomed by a cozy fireplace (just a reminder that we did go in winter peeps).  Our folks, who were vacationing with us, immediately decided to settle in front of the fire with a cup of tea, while we made our way to the wine tasting area.  Naturally.

Leopard's Leap #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist











Really loved the big, open space!  We immediately noticed a range called “Culinaria”.  Oh wait, that is something we don’t know!  Let’s give it a whizz!

Well, all that I can say is that I was nearly devastated when I found out this range is available at cellar door (and of course online) only.  This is a beautiful, elegant and premium range of wines, and we loved every single one we tasted.  We decided to bring the MCC Brut and Chenin home with us.  (Read more here:

Leopard's Leap #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist

By this time we were SO ready for lunch!  How here I must confess, we were supposed to join their South African Table experience, but due to a communication gap (100% from my side!), we missed the starting time.  Want to go back for it though, and from what I hear, if you’re in the area, and it is on the calendar – go check it out!

But we didn’t get a second prize at all!  The lunches served at Leopard’s Leap are simply delectable.  We joined in the rotisserie lunch

Imagine big bowls of fresh seasonal produce, beautifully prepared and absolutely mouthwatering.  Just check out my Mommy’s plate!  Yes, that pork belly….














Add a view like this (yes, the sun peeked through for a bit!), a glass of Leopard’s Leap wine and you’re in for one fantastic lunch experience!












When people ask me which #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist visit left us seriously impressed and pleasantly surprised, I always say “Leopard’s Leap!” without hesitation.  Thank you so much for your warm hospitality, it was by far one of our favourite experiences.

Check them out on and on their social media channels.



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