Overhex Winery… and Meeting Mensa

Overhex Winery was our very first wine tasting experience on our recent visit to the Western Cape.

Okay, not that recent anymore, isn’t it crazy how this year is just whizzing by?

But, let me not get distracted (it doesn’t take much)!

We left a chilly Sutherland early in the morning and made our way to Worcester.  We quickly realised that it wasn’t just chilly in Sutherland, it turned out an overcast and cool day as we made our way towards the coastal region.  Which was fantastic!  That was exactly why we choose to visit this side of the country during the winter months.  It makes for absolutely perfect wine sipping weather.

We visited Worcester especially to pop in at Overhex Wines International. 

Overhex represents some of our personal favourite brands like Balance, Survivor and the recently launched Mensa wines; so it was a no-brainer that it ended up on our ‘must visit’ list.

#BoozyFoodieCapeTwist Overhex Winery Worcester Mensa











Arriving at the Overhex Wines Tasting Room and Bistro you can’t help but feel intrigued.

From the outside it is a modern-looking and colourful structure. Quite eye-catching don’t you think?

As we entered we were welcomed by a crackling fire and what looked like a cozy scene from a library.

Overhex #BoozyFoodieCapeTwist Mensa Wines

So maybe this is a good time to introduce you to Mensa wines…. 

This is the newest baby of the Overhex family.  This interesting range was launched a couple of months ago.  In  fact, when we visited the tasting room, it was in the process of getting distributed to retail seeing that it was officially launched only a couple of weeks before.

The backstory of Mensa is quite intriguing:

Mensa Overhex Wines Ben Snyman Winemaker BoozyFoodie
Taken from Mensa Website







So you can see where the connection with books and love for reading comes in.  Mensa inspires you to #LiveAGreatStory.  Read more about the Mensa Bookclub initiative here:  https://www.mensawines.com/tasting-room/our-book-club/

Everything about the Mensa brand is innovative and exciting.  From the augmented reality app to the use of the twist-off helix cork.

Overhex Mensa BoozyFoodie














This was also what made our visit so exciting!

I firmly believe (that is my story and I’m sticking to it!) that we were the first Gautengers to taste it.  As an added bonus, we got the opportunity to try the three Mensa wines (sauvignon blanc, chardonnay pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon) guided by winemaker Ben Snyman himself.

Mensa Overhex Wines Ben Snyman Winemaker BoozyFoodie
With Ben Snyman










Ben’s passion for his wines is contagious. 

Our parents were traveling with us and it was probably their first time having such a personal wine-tasting experience.  They both enjoy a sip of wine now and again, but when it comes to the details and jargon, this was very new to them.

Mensa Overhex BoozyFoodie














They walked out of there feeling a bit more confident about their wine know-how and I do believe it had a lot to do with Ben’s easy-going way to share his love and enthusiasm for and for the Overhex brands.  What a treat! Thank you for having us.

Next time we visit that side of the country, we’re definitely staying for lunch, I heard the pizzas at Overhex Bistro are divine!

Mensa Overhex BoozyFoodie




















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