A night out with Nespresso’s Master Origin

As a self-confessed caffeine addict I was thrilled to be invited to Nespresso’s launch of it’s brand new Master Origin range.  I popped into my local Nespresso store in Menlyn last weekend and was immediately intrigued by the colourful and striking packaging and displays.  Nespresso honestly changed my life!  Waking up to instant coffee is just not the same.

So, back to the Nespresso Master Origin Launch event!

Katy's Palace Nespresso Master Origin Launch Boozy Foodie Events

Off to Katy’s Palace!  This was my second visit in one week to this lovely venue (okay, the previous visit was to Sir James van der Merwe – on the same premises, maybe a bit more about it later).   We walked in at just the right time of the day to fully appreciate the city views at sunset.

Katy's Palace Nespresso Master Origin Launch Boozy Foodie Events

Lovely hey?

Now that I’ve shown you this enticing Nespresso Master Origin Ethiopia latte, here’s some more info about this newly launched range:  Nespresso Master Origin: The Important of Coffee in Craft, Cuisine and Culture

Each of the five countries India, Colombia, Nicaragua, Indonesia and Ethiopia had seperate stations set up, where we could try these coffee as espressos, lattes and cappuccinos.  Add a traditional dish from each country into the mix and you’ve got a true cultural experience!

Celebrity chef and musician J’Something collaborated with Nespresso, masterfully using the Master Origin range to develop some delicious coffee cocktails.

J’Something’s Colombia Sangria (image provided)

What a treat!  Acting as Master or Ceremomies he also demonstarted a few of these cocktails (I will attach the recipes below) and of course we had the opportunity to sip a few!

J’Something’s Indonesia Martini

Caffeine highs and happy faces all around!  As if all the excitement wasn’t enough, our surprise entertainment for the evening hit the stage.  Mi Casa in the house!  What a fun way to end a fab evening!

Thanks for the invitation, we had a great #MasterOrigin #NespressoZA time!

The Food Musketeer (Maya Dajee) and me! Cheers coffee lovers!

Here are some of  J’Something’s Nespresso Master Origin Cocktails we sipped last night.  If I MUST choose one, it will have to be the Coffee Gin and Tonic!  I’m definitely going to try a few at home!

All recipes were provided. 

Spicy Indian Latte
Coffee G&T
The J’Martini
Sangria da Fonseca



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