Trendy Food: Savoury Oats

Savoury Oats is quite trendy at the moment.  I first spotted a few recipes a good couple of years ago online and I was wondering if this will even catch on as a food trend. Most recently I noticed in the July issue of the Woolworths Taste Magazine a feature with some delicious savoury oats recipes.

I am sure that you also thought:  “What the hell?”  My idea of breakfast oats is that it is served with honey, nuts, cinnamon – sweet and decadent. So it is a bit of a mindf8ck.  But let’s give it a bash!

This is actually very much like a buddha bowl.  (Check out my recipe for a buddah bowl with roasted butternut chickpeas and curry yogurt from my blog “Life is Too Short to Eat Lettuce: Buddha Bowl)

Adding bits of goodness as you go along, and to your own taste – so there actually isn’t really a ‘recipe’ for savoury oats, but I think this is a good starting point for a good breakfast bowl.

I started with 1 cup of cooked oats, and topped it with fried bacon bits, mushrooms, a fried egg (with some Robertsons Smoky Brazilian Rub) and grated cheese.

Yes, that’s it – super easy huh?

Savoury Oats BoozyFoodie FoodBlog

You can actually add so many things – roasted peppers, pesto, tomatoes, fried onions, roasted butternut, etc.

Savoury Oats BoozyFoodie FoodBlog

Savoury oats can be an option for a light lunch or dinner.  So will you be keen to try it?  I must be honest, I enjoyed it – but it does take some getting used to (in my mind I still expected sweet breakfast oats).  And I didn’t add enough salt to my oatmeal, which is totally my fault.  Get the basics right Roelia!  I am keen to try this again – would love to experiment with a few more ingredients/toppings.  What would you add to your savoury oats dish?

Savoury Oats BoozyFoodie FoodBlog


    • BoozyFoodie

      Yes, that is very true – even polenta or buckwheat and other grains can be enjoyed sweet or savoury. I am going to give this another bash though! This time properly seasoning my oats though! LOL!

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