As if you need a reason! Celebrating the 4th of July sip-by-sip

This is the final (last but not least!) post about our totally decadent and delicious 4th of July feast!  So, to recap – we’ve got Southern Fried Chicken with loaded fries (The Kitchen at the End of the Universe: The One About the 4th of July Feast/) as well as some classic American style Cornbread (Martha’s Cornbread for the 4th of July).  How about some drinks to wash it all down?  I thought you’d never ask!

It is getting late, and I have to do the #dayjob thing tomorrow, so here goes let’s wrap this party up!

  1. Martini (with Prohibition Gin)

I was introduced to Silver Creek Distillery’s Craft Gin a couple of weeks ago (SA’s Silver Creek Distillery launches exciting NEW Craft Gin duo).

I tried the pink gin, so now it was the Craft Gin’s turn. What better way to give it a whirl than whipping up a classic Martini.

Super easy – in a cocktail shaker with ice, mix:

2.5 tots Prohibition Gin (75 ml)

0.5 tot dry vermouth (15 ml)

BoozyFoodie Cocktails Blogger

Shake a bit and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with 3 olives. And sip!

BoozyFoodie Cocktails Blogger Silver Creek Craft Distillery Prohibition Gin

2.  Roosevelt

Be warned, this one has got quite a kick!

In a cocktail shaker, with ice shake up:

2 tots dark rum (60 ml)

0.5 tots dry vermouth (15 ml)

60 ml fresh orange juice (the original recipe asked for much less, but it was honestly a bit too strong for me – so I used some initiative)

1/2 teaspoon brown sugar (also adjusted from the original recipe)

Strain and serve in cocktail (in this case – martini) glass, garnish with orange twist

BoozyFoodie Cocktails Blogger

3. Jack ‘n Coke

This was our boozy pairing with the main meal.  I guess I don’t need to say too much about it!  A real classic.

BoozyFoodie Cocktails Blogger

4. After-lunch sipper

This won’t be your first introduction to Silver Creek Craft Distillery’s Southern Moonshine. As you know (or not), I am a huge fan!

How to Get Your Shine on with Moonshine

What is more ‘American’ than Apple Pie?  Apple Pie Moonshine of course!

I really enjoy sipping it neat.  Chill it a bit and this is the perfect sipper to round off a decadent meal! Cheers!

BoozyFoodie Cocktails Blogger Silver creek craft distillery southern moonshine

I hope you try some of these celebratory drinks – whether it is on the 4th of July or any day of the year.

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