A celebratory feast at La Pentola with KWV #TheCentenary

A celebratory feast at La Pentola with KWV! 

Apart from the fact that we are huge fans of KWV (especially their Cruxland Gin and Mentors range), we are huge fans of La Pentola as well.

To give you some background information – La Pentola is an institution in Pretoria.  We visited this charming restaurant a while ago (STILL have a blog post pending – maybe we should do it anyway, to show what the restaurant used to look like) and was seriously impressed with the quality and flavours of the meals coming out of Chef Shane’s kitchen.  Absolutely Legendary.

Exactly like KWV!

Just listen to this (the photos are in the video clip – it was pretty low light in the restaurant though, so I don’t think it really does the meal and drinks served enough justice.  But it will give you a good idea:

Welcome Drink
Crostini topped with roasted coriander, biltong and juniper berries paté
Accompanied by Cruxland Gin
1st Course
A delicious fresh oyster amuse bouche, flavoured with coconut and wasabi, shredded baby spinach & seaweed caviar
Accompanied by KWV Centenary MCC
2nd Course
Watermelon and strawberry chicken salad
Accompanied by Roodeberg Rose 2016
3rd Course
Whole peeled Italian tomatoe and olive risotto.
Accompanied by KWV Laborie Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
4th Course
Fire grilled fillet to chef’s preference laced with an aromatic berry cinnamon sauce crowned with a sweet potatoe smoked duck croquette
Accompanied by KWV The Mentors Canvas 2014
5th Course
Soft toasted marshmallow with a Lindt Dark chocolate and salted caramel terrine Accompanied by KWV Tawny


All this deliciousness paired perfectly with KWV’s delicious wines, what a treat. Thank you to the KWV team (specifically Elmar, Trev and Kats) for your hospitality and fun company. It was fab to celebrate with you. So excited to see what KWV has got in store for us in the near future!  So I am definitely keeping an eye on these true Pioneers!

#DoLife #TheCentenary

KWV The Centenary La Pentola #DoLife #TheCentenary
KWV The Centenary

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