Our favourite Burger Spots!

Yes, I really seem to milk this #HamburgerDay thing, but we honestly love our burgers!  And if Jan isn’t whipping up some of his delicious burgers at home (see Hamburger Day and the Homemade Burger), we may be found out hunting for the perfect restaurant burger.

Here are a few of our favourite places to go for a good burger (as shared on our blog Social Savage www.socialsavage.co.za)

Hudsons The Burger Joint 

Hudsons a.k.a The Best Burger Joint!

You can check them out on http://theburgerjoint.co.za/

Jerry’s Burger Bar

Farewell to 2017 at Jerry’s Burger Bar

Find them at http://www.jerrysburgerbar.co.za/


#Brewfood Revolution at Beerhouse Centurion

Sadly the Beerhouse in Centurion closed down this weekend, but I really hope they will resurface at my side of the valley soon!  We had some fabulous meals at the Beerhouse in Fourways as well http://www.beerhouse.co.za/


What a gem!  You must check out this uniquely fusion restaurant!

Cowfish: Hybrid Theory

Find them here:  http://cow-fish.co.za/


I had a delicious cheese burger at Milk and Honey Bar in Montecasino as well!

Milk & Honey Bar: The Promised Bar

For more:  https://milkhoneybar.co.za/


 Another firm favourite at our side of the valley (with gorgeous gin to go) is Carbon Bistro:

The Awesomeness of Gin (at Carbon Bistro)

Visit them!  https://www.carbonbistro.co.za/

And last, but definitely not least!  Ever had a sushi burger?  You won’t look back, I tell you!

You can find it at Lima Tapas Bar in Montecasino

Lovely Lima!

Lima Tapas Bar

So where is your favourite burger spot?  Let us know – would love to try it out!



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