#HamburgerDay and the Homemade Burger

The 28th of May is #HamburgerDay! The origin of the hamburger (or burger for that matter) actually isn’t very clear.  If you had a look on Wikipedia, you will see that several claims are made as to who invented it, but one thing is clear – whoever it was, was a genius.  Who doesn’t love a good burger?

My other half, Jan Schoeman a.k.a Noble Savage,  honestly makes the best burgers!  His recipes features often on our blog Social Savage (www.socialsavage.co.za), under the banner “Kitchen at the End of the Universe”.

Do yourself a favour and check this out!

Want to get the basic hamburger right?  No need to make it too complicated, get the basics right and the rest will just fall into place.  The basic burger is the perfect way to start!  From there, you can ‘customise’ it any way you want!  Use different bread, buns, veggies, cheese, sauces – the possibilities are really endless.

Kitchen at the End of the Universe: A Burger

Looking for something totally decadent?  Check out this Bone Marrow Burger!  We got this idea from Yuppiechef, and just tweaked it a little bit.  If you want to impress your guests (or your wife), this one is a real ‘wow’ burger. Packed with flavour, it is indeed a treat!

Kitchen at the End of the Universe: Bone Marrow Burger

A more exotic burger?  How about the Peace Burger!  Where does the name come from?  Personally I think Jan’s speciality is asian-flavoured burgers.  He makes one amazing Asian Chicken burger that we have on a regular basis, because it is just so simple and tasty.  Sure he will share it sometime soon!  So this Peace Burger with its strong Asian influence is also a real winner.  Bizarre political situation or not!

Kitchen at the End of the Universe: The Peace Burger

A real South African Burger?  Add taste of Pinotage!

Kitchen at the End of the Universe: Pinotage Burger


What is your favourite hamburger?  Do you have a ‘secret’ recipe?  Let us know, would love to hear from you.

Kitchen at the End of the Universe Hamburger Day

For more of his recipes, check out www.socialsavage.co.za!


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