A Vibrazio New Years Celebration!

On New Years Day we chilled at home.  After all the action of New Years Eve, it was good to just be at home with my Noble Savage, and to spend most of the day just hanging out on the stoep – just the two of us.  Being a hot summers day, it was also the perfect opportunity to open this box o’goodies from JC Le Roux and experiment with some cooool cocktails!

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I must admit, I didn’t know JC Le Roux Vibrazio very well, so it was great to experiment a bit!  Vibrazio is a sophisticated range from JC Le Roux contains of three variants – Vibrazio Demi-Sec, Vibrazio Demi-Sec Rosé and the driest of the range, Vibrazio Sauvignon Blanc. Definitely sounds like something I can work with 😉

In the stunning Vibrazio gift pack we received a few goodies to add to our cocktails.  This grabbed my attention the most though:

Some beautifully fragrant dried flowers and herbs – and how do you add it to a drink?  You make a simply syrup of course!  1 cup water, 1 cup sugar – as easy as that.  Added the Vibrazio flower and herb mix to leave it to infuse on very low heat.

And in the meantime, we kicked off with our cocktail sipping adventure!

We started off with a classic French bubbly cocktail, our version of a very basic Kir Royale.

Used a measure of Cherry Kirsch Liqueur, topped up with JC Le Roux Vibrazio Demi-Sec Rosé!  It was a bit on the sweet side – and I should’ve added some fresh cherries to add some extra flair, but to be honest – I forgot to buy! 😛

Looks real pretty hey!

Next up – Le Perroquet!  I found this recipe on www.drinkmixer.com and it was my favourite of all the cocktails we made!

  • A dash of gin
  • A dash of Campari
  • Fill bubbly glass 1/4 with fresh orange juice
  • And top up with JC Le Roux Vibrazio Demi-Sec Rosé

Time to pop open the Vibrazio Demi-Sec!

Another classic – French 75!  Again, we kept it basic (because that is the best way to do it) – a tot of gin and top up the glass with JC Le Roux Vibrazio Demi-Sec.

You can even serve it over crushed ice – really refreshing!

By now our Vibrazio flower and herb infused simple syrup has reduced quite a bit to a syrupy and sticky consistency.  Drained it – and let it cool down for a few minutes. It smelled amazing!

I will call this one the Vibrant (Vibrazio –  get it?) Flower Power, because the fragrances from the infused syrup was so full and beautiful.  The infused syrup was quite concentrated – so I only added 2 tablespoons per glass – and then, topped up with Vibrazio Sauvignon Blanc.

We had great fun sipping Vibrazio and playing around with cocktail concoctions!

We even had one for brunch the next day!  It is okay, because there’s fruit added!  I liquidised 2 nectarines – pitted, but not peeled, I wanted the little specs of colour in the drink.  And yes, topped it up with Vibrazio! And there you have another classic, our version of the Bellini!

The ideal way to start the day!  And yes, it was the last day of my holiday, so we had to start it properly!  Thanks for the lovely treat JC Le Roux.

So now you should have a good idea of some basic bubbly cocktail recipes to mix up with JC Le Roux Vibrazio!  Read more on http://www.jcleroux.co.za/ and Facebook JC Le Roux  Here’s to a BUBBLY 2018!


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