#FestiveScoops with Carmién Tea: Watermelon and Strawberry Bubbly Slushies

I’ve been a big fan of Carmién Tea for a while now.  What sets this brand apart from the rest of me?  The fact that they consistently produce a quality, proudly South African product – and their variety of rooibos teas is quite versatile and different from what is currently available on the market.  I really like how they keep up with health trends and grow their exciting offerings on a regular basis.  I don’t need to tell you anything about the health benefits of Rooibos tea – as an added bonus, Carmién Tea always manage to add some extra flair and taste!

So, speaking of versatility – Carmién created a few summery recipes – to chill with your favourite tea!  😉  I was very keen to try out a few!

Here’s the first – Watermelon and Strawberry Champagne Slushies

First. get your ingredients ready:

#FestiveScoops Carmien Tea, BoozyFoodie, Watermelon and Strawberry Slushies

3/4 cup of water

5 Carmien “Summer Fresh” (Mint, Watermelon and Strawberry) tea bags

2 tbsp honey

5 cups frozen watermelon

1 1/4 cup strawberries

2 tbsp lemon juice

#FestiveScoops Carmien Tea, BoozyFoodie, Watermelon and Strawberry Slushies

1.    Place the water and tea bags in a medium sauce pan. Bring to boil.

2.    Turn down the heat and let is simmer for 5020minutes.

3.    Add the honey and mix until completely dissolved

4.    Remove from heat and let it cool.

5.    In a blender or food processor, blend all ingredients until smooth

6.    Scoop into a freezer safe container and freeze over night – Tip:  I usually freeze sorbet in Ziplock bags, then it’s easier to defrost and/or get out of the container!

7.    Enjoy as sorbet or with sparkling wine, prosecco or MCC – of course I topped it up with some bubbly 🙂   I think you can even add some gin or vodka and a mixer!

#FestiveScoops Carmien Tea, BoozyFoodie, Watermelon and Strawberry Slushies

Festive and refreshing!  🙂  I’ll be trying out a few of the other Festive Scoops recipes as well – I have the “Very Berry Gin Pops” chilling in the fridge as we speak, so watch this space 🙂

To read a bit more about  Carmién Tea “Summer Fresh” – read here: https://carmientea.co.za/shop/products/flavoured-rooibos/summerfresh-20s/

And the “Festive Scoops” https://carmientea.co.za/feast-festive-scoops/


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