#HelloRecommends Seasons Cuisine – the journey from Pasture to Plate

Every Monday I wake up with the same thought:  “My diet starts today”.

Well, there are two challenges to this statement and mindset.  “Diet” often brings about negative connotations – about bland lettuce leaves and deprivation. And I have had waayyyy too many “Mondays” that turned out to be false starts.  Sigh.  Oh well, maybe I should just focus on the first of January 2018.

But, as usual, I got distracted.   What I actually wanted to say was that some people find the thought of preparing healthy and tasty meals quite intimidating.  Obviously Seasons Cuisine doesn’t.  I found that out when I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Seasons Cuisine as one of Hello Joburg Magazine’s VIP guests attending one of their FANTASTIC #HelloRecommends dinners.

#HelloRecommends, Seasons Cuisine, Bryanston, #HelloXSeasons, healthy food

So we had the perfect opportunity to hear more about the story of the restaurant, and what the motivation behind this eatery was.  Chamilla Sanua (the owner of this restaurant, as well as the founder of Naturally Yours and Weleda Pharmacies in the Fourways area), will inspire you with her passion for fresh and nutritionally rich products – ingredients that will truely FEED your body and also your mind.  My favourite quote by Chamilla:  “good food, good mood!”  Most of the products and ingredients used at Seasons Cuisine comes from Chamilla’s farms as well, so a true ‘Farm to Fork and Pasture to Plate’ experience.

#HelloRecommends, Seasons Cuisine, Bryanston, #HelloXSeasons, healthy food

And, just like Chamilla, Chef Bryce Grantham is driven to make the best of the supply of fresh, seasonal ingredients.  He says: “We must be able to showcase the best aspects of nature, without clouding the core essence of the produce”.  He’s got an impressive resume – with experience as executive sous chef at the Saxon, to the executive chef at the Steyn City clubhouse.  His passion for food definitely comes through in the delicious dishes we tasted during our #HelloRecommends dinner.

We had the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes.  I am always impressed when healthy food are prepared and served in a way that it doesn’t resemble ‘diet food’ at all!

Beautiful and colourful!

My favourites of the evening:

#HelloRecommends, Seasons Cuisine, Bryanston, #HelloXSeasons, healthy food

Mushroom ensemble on vegetable rosti – so tasty!

#HelloRecommends, Seasons Cuisine, Bryanston, #HelloXSeasons, healthy food

Deboned free range quail, with barley risotto and roasted root veggies.  So delish!  That barley risotto – oh man!  A beautiful and well-balanced meal.

I realised now that I actually didn’t take a photo for the desserts?  *Facepalm*  Maybe because I devoured my gooseberry cheesecake immediately – not because I was that hungry (we were definitely fed enough!), but because it just looks so yum.

Seasons Cuisine is at the Naturally Yours Wellness Centre, cnr Main and Culross in Bryanston.  So EXACTLY 2 kilometers from my office!  Yay!  I see quite a few delicious and healthy lunches in my future!  Some more great news is that fresh and organic produce is also for sale at the Centre – check out the Wellness Centre’s Facebook page for more updates and news:  https://www.facebook.com/NaturallyYoursIW/ 

Seasons Cuisine is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 11.00 to close.  Go check them out!

A big thank you to Hello Joburg and Seasons Cuisine for hosting me, I left inspired!


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