Savoury Garlic Yogurt And Egg Bowl with Fair Cape Dairies

Yes, I know this may sound a little weird.  But I recently discovered ‘savoury yogurt’ and I am totally hooked! No, let me rephrase that – I am addicted.

We are all used to the versatility of yogurt – we use it in salad dressing, smoothies, topped with delicious fresh fruit, topped with honey and muesli, etc etc. And what did you notice here? It is mainly as a ‘sweet’ yogurt. So, I challenge you to try something different.

Fair Cape Dairies, Double Cream Yogurt, Savoury Yogurt, Boozy Foodie

Fair Cape Dairies yogurt is now a staple in our fridge.  I really enjoy the smooth creamy taste, so knew that this will be perfect for this experimental dish.

Okay, first up – this serves 1, because I whipped it up for lunch one day while I was working from home.

  • 250ml Fair Cape Dairies Double Cream Plain Yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp crushed garlic (to taste – this worked well for me, it depends whether you want a more ‘garlicky’ taste
  • Season with salt and black pepper
  • Leave for about 30 minutes or more, to allow the flavours to mix

Prepare your lunch bowl:

  • Grate 150g cucumber and layer at the bottom of your bowl – don’t let it stand for too long, it will become watery
  • Pour garlic flavoured Yogurt over grated cucumber
  • Fry 1 egg, I used non-stick spray and it worked like a charm!  Put on top of yogurt layer
  • Add a few slices of sundried tomato (marinated in oil)
  • Sprinkle chopped spring onions and chili flakes on top

And voila!

Fair Cape Dairies, Double Cream Yogurt, Savoury Yogurt, Boozy Foodie

I think this was SO good!  And I’ve tried a few savoury yogurt combinations since – this is different and delicious, if I do say so myself!

Thank you Fair Cape Dairies for supplying the diary products used. 

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