Kitchen Shenanigans with Fair Cape Dairies

Recently I had to opportunity to try a few of Fair Cape Dairies’ products and create some recipes with these delicious dairy products.

When I started to do my research about this brand, I was very impressed with their slogan “Do the Right Thing”, and how they live that to the fullest.  Animal, environmental and social welfare rates high on this company’s priority list – with a strong focus on quality and ethics.  Very impressive – do read more about it on their website (see link to the webpage below).

Here are a few of the ideas I came up with:

Caramel Yogurt Dessert with Fair Cape Dairies

Savoury Garlic Yogurt And Egg Bowl with Fair Cape Dairies

Pizza for Dummies with Fair Cape Dairies

Chocolate Coffee Dessert Shots with Fair Cape Dairies

Thank you for the opportunity Fair Cape Dairies!  I had great fun playing around with your delicious products!

Read more on the Fair Cape Dairies website – and check out their range of products.  Available at most Pick ‘n Pay stores.


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