Godet Cognac: A revelation

When I received the news that Godet Cognac is coming to South Africa, I was definitely intrigued:  Godet Cognac Launches in South Africa.

Reading about the family history, dating back to 1588, is thoroughly impressive, and just looking at the packaging of these beautiful bottles, immediately tickled my fancy- what can I say, I like pretty stuff.

So I was really excited when we were invited to an exclusive Godet Cognac tasting at the stunning Maxim Lounge.

Now this is how you do cocktail hour!

Godet Cognac, Cocktails, #GodetLive, #GodetCognac, Maxim Lounge

And what a wonderful treat – we tasted SIX Godet Cognacs:  the VS and XO blends, as well as the Godet Gastronome Fine Champagne, Godet Antarctica Icy White, God by Godet and Godet Extra. And, with the tasting being led by Cyril Godet himself – the charming and passionate representative of 15 generations of Godet!

Godet Antartica Icy White, Godet Cognac, #GodetLive, #GodetCognac, Maxim Lounge, BoozyFoodie
Godet Antartica Icy White

The world’s only clear cognac, the Antartica, kicked off our tasting.  Well-balanced, best served chilled (which makes this ideal for cocktails), with hints of apricots and chamomile. Inspired by a sailing trip to Antartica – and the pure, white landscape.  Beautiful!

I won’t go into detail of all the cognacs we tasted, because you actually need to experience it yourself.  I must mention that “God” by Godet got a very uniform reaction from the crowd.  71.4% ABV, this is the purest form of cognac, not for the fainthearted – but still very drinkable.  What a treat!

Godet Antartica Icy White, Godet Cognac, #GodetLive, #GodetCognac, Maxim Lounge, BoozyFoodie

And it is impossible to choose a favourite, because all the gems from Godet House, has got a very special charm and beauty.  Listening to Cyril’s introduction of each of the cognacs, sharing the interesting stories behind it, it is easy to sense that this family LIVES Godet Cognac.

Godet Antartica Icy White, Godet Cognac, #GodetLive, #GodetCognac, Maxim Lounge, BoozyFoodie

It isn’t difficult to get wrapped up in the moment – and fall in love with the brand. And it’s got nothing to do with Cyril’s charm and sexy French accent.  I promise.

Thank you for a very exclusive and intimate tasting experience – I am sure there are quite a few new cognac lovers out there today!

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