Godet Cognac launches in South Africa

This is great news!  I seriously can’t wait to try these gorgeous cognacs – and I simply love the packaging!  (Girls like pretty stuff)!

Sharing this exciting information received!

“Truman & Orange, has officially announced the launch of Godet House cognacs in South Africa. This oldest family-owned Cognac House dates back to 1550 and today, is still managed by the Godet family. Their distinctive style of blends ensures a floral, fruity nose and palate, the foremost reasons why these Godet cognacs are renowned for their elegance and sophisticated balance” – sound fantastic, doesn’t it?

Rowan Leibbrandt of Truman & Orange explains, “Godet is the last cognac house to still have its cellars in La Rochelle. Its close proximity to the sea allows the cognac – that sleeps in barrels in the Godet cellars – to borrow a very distinctive minerality from the exposure to the air, brought inland by the ocean. This signature Godet touch is often called ‘second terrior’ and enjoyed by cognac connoisseurs around the globe. We are very proud to be the company to bring these elegant, beautifully balanced cognacs closer to South African cognac enthusiasts. Boasting rich, complex flavours, Godet House Cognacs are quite unique, unlike other mainstream cognacs that are currently available.”  Cyril Godet, 15th generation of the family comments, “We are extremely excited to have this opportunity and introduce our special blends to the South African market. In our family, we say that cognac is all about ‘enjoying life’ and I have no doubt that cognac lovers in South Africa will share this same philosophy with us.”

Godet House Cognacs can be purchased at key retailers and premium liquor stores nationwide. The range includes VS and XO blends, as well as some special cognacs and eau de vie that include Godet Gastronome Fine Champagne, Godet Antarctica Icy White, God by Godet and Godet Extra.

For more information, check out their social media channels:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GodetCognacSA/
Instagram: @godetcognacsa
Twitter: @GodetCognacSA

Information and images provided via PR

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