#HelloRecommends: A feast of Bitterballen and Beer!

Oh man, I was SO excited when I received the invitation to an exclusive #HelloRecommends dinner, hosted by Hello Joburg Magazine, at The Belgian Triple! This is one of our favourite restaurants! And what a fun privilege to spend it with some fabulous foodie friends!

The Belgian Triple specialises in Belgian cuisine – yes, I know it sounds as if I am stating the obvious, but the focus is on CUISINE.  What impressed me most is the beautiful presentation of the food – if you expected ‘normal’ pub grub, you will be pleasantly surprised.  But, first things first – BEER!

The Belgian Triple, Pretoria, Foodie, Belgian Restaurant, BoozyFoodie, #HelloRecommends #BoozyFoodieLikes
The Belgian Triple welcomes you!

I don’t need to tell you what the connection with “Belgium” and “Beer” is – what makes it quite exciting is the great variety of imported Belgian beers you can sample at The Belgian Triple.  My favourites are the Lindemans range – especially the Faro, as well as the Delirium Tremens (I really identify with the cute little pink elephant! LOL), as well as the Lucifer Black that packs a punch!  Okay, let’s be honest – I can easily do a “Top 10” with the beers available there.

#HelloRecommends, The Belgian Triple, Belgian Restaurant, Pretoria, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes
Delirium Tremens at The Belgian Triple
#HelloRecommends, Lindemans Faro, Belgian Restaurant, Pretoria, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes
Lindemans Faro

We got the opportunity to taste a wide variety of beer, including the beer that is actually made on site – namely The Belgian Pils and The Belgian Wit.  Whether you’re a traditional beer drinker or not, there’s definitely something on the drinks menu for you – most people actually enjoy the fruit beers like Lindemans and Liefmans – on the sweeter side, very fruity and delicious to sip on.

Borrelhapjes – don’t you just love the word?  If I translate it directly (with a bit of poetic license of course – no idea whether this is accurate!) it means “bubble bites” or I guess “small bites” – which would be your starters of course.

Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
Salt and Pepper Squid
Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
My favourite! Bitterballen and Cheese Kroketten!

These are my ultimate favourite on the menu – bitterballen (filled with smoked beef), cheese kroketten, succulent salt and pepper squid, marinated garlic olives and Belgian fries and homemade mayo.  Little bites of fresh deliciousness – so tasty.  I will keep going back just for those bitterballen!

Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
Digging into the chips and homemade mayo!
Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
How beautiful! Garlic Marinated Olives – a hit!

For mains we had a choice of the following mouth-watering dishes – which are this restaurant’s speciality:

Pan seared Norwegian Salmon, Balsamic Roasted Beetroot, Thyme Parisian Potatoes and coconut cream sauce, or Mustard and Herb Beef Fillet, Honey and Cinnamon glazed Butternut, Garlic mash potatoes and a Gulden Draak Drizzle!  Hmmm, what to choose!!  Both options sound delish!

I decided to go with the salmon, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
Norwegian Salmon – loved the balsamic roasted beetroot! And I don’t even like beetroot!

And once again – beautiful presenations by Chef Ross and his team!

But wait, we’re not done yet! The Belgian Triple kitchen had a few more gems to whip up.  Nagerecht was served – Delirium Red poached pears with vanilla syrup and Kriek Panna Cotta with Chocolate Cigars, Wafer tuile and toasted almonds.  So much of yum!  And it was absolutely as divine as it sounds like!

Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
Delirium Red Poached Pears
Belgian Triple, #HelloRecommends, BoozyFoodie, #BoozyFoodieLikes, Pretoria, Restaurant, Belgian Restaurant
Kriek Panna Cotta dessert – so delish!

The Belgian Triple is such a lovely restaurant – the staff and owners are very hands on and friendly – and as you can see, the creations coming out of the kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!  This little gem is definitely worth a visit – and we had a fantastic night out, thanks to Hello Joburg Magazine!

We were spoiled rotten by the sponsors as well – thank you so much to everyone!



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