Stepping back into the Roaring 20’s with Capital Hotel School

Oh what a glam affair!

We were invited to another one of the Capital Hotel School’s pop-up restaurant evenings, and once again we were treated to an absolutely fab night out!  Our previous visit was Festival of Fusion (Social Savage)

This specific event really grabbed my attention because a) the charity who the students chose as beneficiary for the evening was Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre (and yes, we are sometimes seen as obsessive pug lovers – and firmly believe that the only way to go is ‘adopt, don’t shop) and I’m a big fan of the glitz, glam and fun of the Great Gatsby era!

And the theme of  Roaring Twenties was perfectly replicated by the decor!

This event was hosted the second (final) year event managements students and they were in charge of the budget, decor, menu, wine pairing – everything to do with hosting a successful event.  And it was indeed a roaring success!  Just look at the menu and the beautifull presented (and delectable!) food served.


And yes, every item that was served was absolutely as scrumptious as it looks!  Each meal and wine pairing were introduced by the students themselves – an it was clear that it was a real team effort, and as always, I was so impressed with the confidence of these young learners.

I also had the privilege of getting the opportunity to personally chat to Ronel Bezuidenhout, the Director of  the Capital Hotel School  What an inspirational, charismatic and dynamic woman!

It is very clear that CHS is a quality institution – from the classy look and feel of the venue, to the content of the training modules, to the skills of the lecturers and staff, to the modern equipment and material used.  The hospitality industry is also being used as a sounding board and a temperature gage – ensure that the students get the most up to date information and training, and to keep up with trends as well.  The education received at this institution is also very much based on giving the students exposure to ‘real life’, giving them practical, interactive as well as theoretical experience before sending them out in the real world.  Ronel stated that it is very important for them to make sure that the student gather the necessary life skills as well, to assist them to assimilate successfully in the industry once they have finished their formal training and studies.

The main aim of CHS is to assist in creating well-rounded, passionate and successful young adults – and from what I can see, they are doing a brilliant job!

Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre told us a bit more about what they do as well, and what their day-to-day challenges are:   They have a history with CHS – where the students had the opportunity to choose their charity of choice, and the students also donate their time on a regular basis to visit the rescue centre to give a helping hand.  And wow, as an animal lover I was moved to tears – it is fantastic to see and hear that there are people who care so much about the welfare of our animals, and to look after the abandoned ones who can’t talk for themselves so well.  Please do take the time to check out their website – and well done to CHS for the work they do to support Wetnose as well!

So, as you can see – a beautiful evening indeed!  It really felt like an evening spent with family – thanks for having us!

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