New York loves Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky!

Yes, they did it again! Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky continues to charm the judges at the New York International Spirits Competition.

For the fourth consecutive year Bain’s is coming home with a Gold medal from this prestigious competition that is mainly judged (blind tasted) by buyers, retail, restaurant and bar owners.

Andy Watts, founder distiller of this South African single grain whisky, took 10 years to fulfil his vision create a truely unique premium whisky. And with aromas of floral, banana, honey, toasted hazelnuts and toffee and beautifully balanced vanilla, cocoa butter and light spices from the oak casks gives you a warm mouth-feel and long, smooth finish. Seriously delicious, and my personal favourite whisky by far!

Quoting Andy: “We were at the time moving into a new chapter in South Africa and whisky became the interest of a much larger consumer base. I wanted to create a whisky that would be the only one to use South Africa’s world-renowned quality maize yet deliver an exceptional smooth and unique taste profile. So the idea was born to utilise casks previously used once for the maturation of bourbon – not only for the required three years, but for a further 18 to 30 months in a fresh set of casks in order to maximise the extraction of flavour. It’s overwhelming when one takes a moment to reflect on the whisky’s success. The interest and recognition from around the world has led us to launch Bain’s in the United States, United Kingdom and parts of Europe where consumers can enjoy Bain’s in some of the trendiest style bars.”

Well done Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky!

And not to steal anyone’s thunder, but I just have to mention that another South African whisky, Three Ships Bourbon Cask Finish, took double gold at the same event. Also created by the talented Andy Watts, what an inspiring success story for South Africa!

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