Rock Hoppers, Rock Hoppas and Marion Island!

You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of Boston Breweries! With notes of fresh granadilla on the nose and a lingering grapefruit-like finish, and LOTS of hops, the Rock Hoppa IPA is definitely one of my favourites!

What grabbed my attention, apart from the obvious – this being a delicious IPA – is the story behind the name of the beer.  1) after the Rockhopper penguin and 2) the hops that lends the unique taste and flavour to this beer.  But, it didn’t just stay there – they had a brilliant idea!  Boston Breweries contacted SANCCOB, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, with a funding idea.  For every bottle of Rock Hoppa sold, R1.00 will go to SANCCOB.  And every partnership campaign needs a ‘face’ to represent it, so here enters Rocky, the SANCCOB’s very own and delightful Northern Rockhopper penquin, who got the honorary title of Rock Hoppa Brand Manager. Isn’t she charming??

And now, for the next chapter in this good news story…

The 74th Marion Island Expedition is about to set sail.  On board is 23 passionate and dedicated experts, including a group of five birders, metrologists, and a geomorphologist ready to tackle this 18-month long extreme trip. And, since the precendent set in the 1800’s by Admiral Horatio Nelson  onboard the Victory, they will be taking a supply of heavily hopped craft beer.

Yes, we can see synergy in motion here!  This is  how it happened, and I quote:

“When Jacqui Barlow, marketing manager of Boston Breweries, heard from Michelle Risi, one of the brave Marion Island potential castaways about the pending trip, she was immediately enthralled by the potential synergy. Michelle and her team are off to study the Southern Rockhopper penguins that grace Marion Island; what better sponsorship than a few crates of Rock Hoppa craft beer to accompany the team? Michelle is thrilled: “The wildlife studies of seabirds and seals have been running for decades and are some of the longest running studies in the world. A year in isolation is tough, but we all love the work we do as well as the fact that we are part of the very small group of people that are fortunate enough to visit this remote island.” And will Rock Hoppa Craft Beer assist with those long days away? “Definitely! As you can imagine we have to make our own fun after long work hours, and a supply of great beer will definitely go a long way to bring excitement to birthday parties, not to mention the mid-winter celebrations which are a huge deal on the Southern Ocean Islands.”

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Boston Breweries are proud to be part of this expedition. Chris Barnard, Managing Director of Boston, is a passionate sealife conservationalist. In partnering with SANCCOB, Boston Breweries is already making a difference to the lives of threatened seabirds. Through the Marion Island expedition, they are convinced that the Rock Hoppa beers will keep the team’s spirits up while doing the imperative research that will benefit the wildlife and conservation of the future of Marion Island and, in fact, the Southern Hemisphere.

I’m definitely keeping my eye on this Good News Story!  Good luck to the Marion Island Team and well done to Boston Breweries and Rock Hoppa IPA for this great initiative!

Information provided via Press Release

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