3-Layer Low Fat Delight: Fat Free Vanilla “Panna Cotta” with Strawberry Compote

I saw this “3-layer” idea on the internet and just had to try it myself. Created my own healthy “Panna Cotta” as the white layer and the rest just feel into place!

A lovely, light dessert that looks impressive and is actually quite easy to make!

Layer 1: Fatfree Vanilla Panna Cotta

10g gelatine powder
350ml plain fatfree yogurt
2 x Vanillla Canderel Sachets

Dissolve gelatine in 100ml cold water over low heat. Keep stirring until dissolved – do not bring to boil! Add to yogurt with Vanilla Canderel added. Stir until mixed. Use a muffin tin to keep dessert containers in place – and pour into containers placed at an angle to form 1st layer as per picture. Put in fridge to set.

Once set, prepare 1 packet of Weigh-Less strawberry jelly as per directions on packet. Turn the dessert containers 180 degrees and pour in jelly layer as shown in the photo. Put in fridge to set.

While 2nd layer is setting, prepare 3rd layer, the strawberry compote. Cut 450g strawberries up and heat on a low to medium heat setting with 100ml water until soft and mushy. Take off heat and put in fridge to chill until needed.

Pour 3rd layer on top of 2 set layers and decorate with a fresh strawberry and fresh mint.

Beautiful, delicious and healthy! Voila!


Serves 3: 1 fruit, approx 3/4 milk serve each.


This recipe was first published on my blog “Life is Too Short to Eat Lettuce” on 6 January 2016

3-Layer Strawberry Delight

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