Need some tea-spiration for your #WorldWhiskyDay cocktails? Black Bottle Whisky to the rescue!

Most of my whisky-lovin’ friends know that the Old Fashioned is my favourite whisky cocktail!  So of course it only makes sense to share the recipe – with a twist, as well as some other Black Bottle Tea-Infused cocktails for #WorldWhiskyDay

So here goes!  Try one – or a few and let me know what you think??


Gordon Graham’s Old Fashioned

Taking on the popular Old Fashioned cocktail, this small twist expresses more of the flavour profiles of Black Bottle and references Gordon Graham’s tea blending past.

Glass: Old fashioned / rocks

Garnish: Orange twist


50ml Black Bottle

4-5 dashes / drops of Black Bottle Blended Tea Tincture or Angostura bitters

12.5ml blended tea syrup


Add ingredients to mixing glass over ice, stir until chilled and strain into rocks glass over block or cubed ice, garnish with orange zest.


Torphins Iced Tea

A long, refreshing drink with flavours of peach and tea. Torphins being the birth place of the Graham brothers.

Glass: Hi-ball / Collins

Garnish: Lemon wheel


40ml Black Bottle

20ml Rinquinquin Peach Vermouth

12.5ml sugar syrup

20ml lemon juice

50ml Black Bottle Cold Brew Blended Tea



Pour ingredients in glass over ice, stir, garnish with lemon wheel.


Caro Verde (Dear Green)

This drink comprises Black Bottle whisky, Amaro Nonino, jasmine green tea syrup, Angostura bitters. The name is Italian and refers to the green tea element, the Italian liqueur used and also to Glasgow.

Glass: Coupe or wine glass

Garnish: None


40ml Black Bottle whisky

20ml Amaro Nonino

2-3 dashes Angostura bitters

15ml jasmine green tea syrup


Add ingredients to mixing glass over ice, stir for 15 seconds or until chilled, strain into pre-chilled coupe or wine glass.

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