Share your favourite Bisquit/Fitch & Leeds long drink and WIN!

Do you know what the difference between a cocktail and a long drink is?

Well, a cocktail is a drink in which quite a few ingredients are mixed – the most extreme example being the Long Island Iced Tea.  A long drink is usually a little more simpler, usually one good alcholic liquor and one mixer, like the classic Tom Collins for example. 

I read this interesting bit of info about Bisquit:

“Bisquit was the first cognac house to create a variant especially for mixing with water or soda water. Long drinks made with cognac first made their appearance in the “Bartenders Manual” written by Harry Johnson in 1882. Did you know that the majority of French cognac drinkers enjoy their cognac over ice in tall glasses mixed with soda water and even orange or cranberry juice.? So if the most stylish nation in all the world enjoys their cognac this way, let’s take a leaf out of their book!”

So this immediately peaked my interest – I only recently discovered the mixability and versatility of using Bisquit in cocktails or long drinks and the fruity aromas, the french oak character and vanilla and cinnamon notes works so well together when paired with the correct mixer.

And that perfect mixer can be found in Fitch & Leedes Bespoke Mixers. With the same rich history and also made with care and patience – it is the perfect accompaniment to Bisquit Cognac.  The Fitch & Leedes range includes ginger ale, soda water, Indian tonic water, bitter lemon and lemonade.

Stand the chance to win your very own bottle of Bisquit!  Comment on this post sharing your favourite Bisquit and Fitch & Leeds long drink!  Closing date:  31 May 2017!

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  1. Losh Kisten

    Ingredients: Bisquit Cognac & Fitch Leedes Ginger Ale & a Lime Wedge . Method: Pour Bisquit Cognac cognac into a highball glass, add cubed ice (fill the glass), top with Ginger Ale. Garnish with a lime wedge. Cheers to that #simple, yet sophisticated taste. Cheers

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