The newest member of the Wellness Warehouse Family

Hellooooo Motivational Monday!  And what better way to go than with Wellness Warehouse! #WellnessWarehouseThrupps

I’m sure some/most of you read my post about my visit to the Clearwater Mall branch of Wellness Warehouse on our ‘sister blog’, Social Savage recently:

So it is plain to see that I obviously am a very big fan 🙂  I am so looking forward to checking out the newest member of this rapidly-growing family, the brand new store that opened in the Thrupps Centre.  So new it is less than a week old –  it opened it’s doors on the 15th of March!

Wellness Warehouse Thrupps 1 Boozy Foodie Post

Wellness Warehouse Thrupps 2 Boozy Foodie Post

(Above photo snippet taken from the Wellness Warehouse Facebook page:

If you’re not following their Twitter and Facebook page already, do so!  It is filled with healthy living hints and tips, great specials, delectable recipes and regular giveaways.

And, it is the best way to keep updated to exciting events – like the current local tour of renowned healthy nutritionalist/foodie/inspiration Jessica Sepel (read more about her on #WellnessWithJess

I have been following Jessica on social media for years.  I find her focus is on healing our often disfunctional relationship with food – and healing the body and the mind with healthy, REAL food really motivational. And her approach also fits in so well with the Wellness Warehouse’s philosophy.  You can meet Jessica at the Clearwater Mall store on the 22nd of March – if you can, take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Wellness Warehouse Jessica Sepel Clearwater Boozy Foodie Post

(Above photo snippet taken from the Wellness Warehouse Twitter page:

I also shared the post below on Twitter earlier today – and in my mind it truely reflects with ‘wellness’ means – and Wellness Warehouse makes it so much easier to achieve, don’t you think?  No need for strict elimination or deprivation diets, just focus on what is healthy and good for you!  And you know exactly where to find it 🙂

Wellness Warehouse Motivational Monday

And then as a grand finale, a special treat from Wellness Warehouse – Matcha Date Balls!  To show what delicious and nutritious treats look like, and how easy it is to make it yourself 🙂

So, see you later this week #WellnessWarehouseThrupps! And may everyone continue to #LiveLifeWell! 

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